Arkansas High Country Route Map Set GPX Data

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Arkansas High Country Route Section 1 South GPX Data

Arkansas High Country Route Section 2 North GPX Data

The route is comprised of three large adjacent loops: the South Loop, the Central Loop, and the Northwest Loop. The South Loop, on map section 1, begins and ends in Little Rock. The Northwest and Central Loops, on map section 2, begin and end in Bentonville and Russellville, respectively. A cyclist can choose to ride one or more of the loops, or ride the perimeter of all the loops – it’s up to you.

An additional choice on the South Loop features two singletrack options, using the entire Lake Ouachita Vista Trail (LOViT), and the southern portion of the Womble Trail. Both are International Mountain Bike Association (IMBA) EPIC trails.

Since the routing on the three loops is roughly 50% gravel and 50% pavement, choose your bike carefully. Riders who are in a hurry will choose a race geometry gravel bike. Those who choose comfort over speed will elect for full suspension or fat tires to pad the ride. Much of the gravel roads are easily ridden, but there are sections with washboards and cathead boulders. A minimum of 37mm tires with some tread is highly recommended.


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