Bike Travel Weekend & Bike Your Park Day

Bike Travel Weekend and Bike Your Park Day will be held on the same weekend-- September 25 - 27-- in 2020, making it the biggest weekend for adventure cycling ever! 

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Bike Travel Weekend, usually held in June, is postponed and will overlap with Bike Your Park Day. Adventure Cycling encourages you to get out and ride during the last weekend of September whether you go on an overnight bike adventure or a day ride through public lands.

You’ll be elbow bumping your friends and feeling a sense of accomplishment after getting out on your bicycle adventure during the last weekend of September. 

Register to lead a ride or join an existing ride and you'll be entered to win a Salsa Cutthroat bike. The first 250 people who register to lead a ride will also get a Bike Travel Weekend or Bike Your Park Day patch and sticker in the mail.

For the latest COVID-19 updates please visit our website.

Photos 1 & 3 by Adam Coppola, photo 2 by Saara Snow, and photo 4 by John Sieber.

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