New Gear for Late Summer Fun

August 23, 2017

Fall seems to be just around the corner, but there’s still plenty of time to get out and enjoy the warm weather with family and friends.

Here at Cyclosource, Adventure Cycling’s online store, we’ve been hard at work scouring websites, picking our vendors’ brains, and reading up on all the new products we can find for our new catalog. As I type this, the most recent Cyclosource catalog should soon be landing in your mailbox, and we thought we’d share our excitement about many new products now available. 


Whether bikepacking on a remote section of the Great Divide, Sierra Cascades, or slowly approaching Goffs, California under the relentless sun of the Mojave Desert on Bicycle Route 66, fresh water is something any traveler requires. So let me introduce to you the all-new MSR TrailShot water filter. Weighing five ounces and able to filter water at one liter per minute. This is the perfect compact tool to include within your bike-travel arsenal.


The mythical flat-free tire

Having issues with flats? Worry less! Schwalbe’s newest tire, the Marathon Plus, is the closest thing you can get to the mythical flat-free tire. Featuring a thick sidewall and a reinforced tread that even thumb tacks can’t easily penetrate, the Marathon Plus will keep you on the road that much longer!



In addition, we’ve found a variety of new bikepacking and touring related items from saddles, shorts, and tools, to a wide variety of new soft goods. Don’t believe me? Hop online and check out the plethora of new items at Cyclosource.

Help us find more cool stuff.

And as always, if you’re using a product that you think might be useful for other adventure cyclists, please don’t hesitate to send us an email:

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Remember, the money you spend with us supports our programs and our mission to “inspire and empower people to travel by bicycle.” Happy cycling and warm regards from your friends here at Adventure Cycling’s online store: Cyclosource

Photos by Brian Martindale


CYCLO NOTES is brought to you by Adventure Cycling’s Cyclosource team—Teri, Max, and Maxton.

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