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Thank you for being part of Bike Travel Weekend & Bike Your Park Day, with over 870 rides and more than 6,300 participants in all 50 U. S. states and 17 countries.

Please send us your photos from the weekend and tag them on social with #biketravelweekend and #bikeyourpark.

The Parks, Peaks and Prairies ride challenge runs through December 31. Sign up at and enjoy your ride!

Save the dates for Bike Travel Weekend, June 4 – 6, 2021, and Bike Your Park Day, September 25, 2021.

Share Bike Your Park Day with your friends! Use the promotional resources below to get others to join your ride and to inspire more people to participate in Bike Your Park Day. Document your #bikeyourpark day ride, inspire friends or family to join your trip, and share the adventure of exploring public lands.

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Download the Bike Your Park Day Logo and share on your social media pages, your website, and your community group newsletter.


Download the Bike Your Park Day toolkit (PDF) which outlines everything you need to know about Bike Your Park Day including media sharing tools. Individuals and bike clubs, bike shops, tour companies, bicycle advocacy groups, tourism agencies, and outdoor- and recreation-focused organizations can use the Toolkit to participate in and/or promote Bike Your Park Day.



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Photos and Graphics

Download Bike Your Park Day graphics to post on your social media channels, website, newsletter, and other communications.

  • Download photos and graphics (.zip file containing .jpg files)

Social Media Posts

Below are some sample Bike Your Park Day social media posts. Use these as inspiration to create your own, or feel free to copy and paste these sample social media posts on your social media accounts.

  • I just registered for Bike Your Park Day. Join me on September 26! #BikeYourPark #AdventureCycling

  • Your park is only a pedal away on September 26. #BikeYourPark #AdventureCycling

  • #BikeYourPark on September 26! #AdventureCycling

  • Your park, your bike, your adventure! #BikeYourPark on September 26. #AdventureCycling

  • Will you join us for #BikeYourParkDay on September 26? #AdventureCycling

  • Park. Ride. Explore. #BikeYourPark on September 26. #AdventureCycling

  • Join us for a monumental ride on September 26 for Bike Your Park Day. #BikeYourPark

Facebook Event Page

Create a Bike Your Park Day Facebook event page using the text below as a template and invite your friends to join.

Explore [name of park or public land] by bicycle with [me/organization] on Bike Your Park Day, September 26, 2020. We’re organizing a ride and welcome [beginner/experienced/all] bicyclists. We’ll start at [location and time] and ride [# of miles] on [road/trail/route name]. Make sure to bring [list of essential items]. Find out more about Bike Your Park Day at and contact [contact info here] if you are interested in joining. [Include any other website links with more information about the trip here, such as your trip ride details page, a link to the route and the Facebook event page.] #BikeYourPark #AdventureCycling

Poster & Flyer

Download and print this fill-in-the-blanks poster. Fill in your contact information and Bike Your Park Day start location (by hand) and distribute in your community.

  • Download Poster (.zip file containing poster in 8.5" x 11" and 11" x 17" format)

Download and print this flyer about Bike Your Park Day to share in your community.

  • Download Flyer (.zip file containing flyer in 8.5" x 11" and 11" x 17" format)

Sample Press Release

Download a sample press release and send it to your media contacts.

Sample Email or Newsletter Message

Include the text below in your community group newsletter or email it to your contacts:

JOIN [Name of organization] FOR BIKE YOUR PARK DAY ON SEPT. 26

[Name of organization] invites you to join us for Bike Your Park Day on September 26! This worldwide event will inspire and empower thousands of people to bike in or to nearby parks and public lands. We’re organizing a ride to/in [name of park or public land] and welcome [beginner/experienced/all] bicyclists (make sure to mention if its family-friendly). We'll start at [starting location and time] and ride [# miles] on [name of road or trail]. Make sure to bring [list essential items]. Find out more about Bike Your Park Day at #bikeyourpark #adventurecycling

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