Bike Travel Weekend Ideas

Bike Travel Weekend is for everyone from experienced multi-day cyclists to people who have never gone on a bike trip. It’s for people who like to camp and for those who would rather spend the night in a hotel or B&B. It’s for families who want to pack up young kids in bike trailers or ride tag-along-bikes or strider bikes a few miles down the road or bike path to spend the night at grandma’s house. And it’s for cyclists who want to complete a century ride or go on an epic ride into the mountains. Whatever Bike Travel Weekend is for you, get inspired with the resources below and start planning your trip.

Get Started

If you’re new to cycling, these resources can help you get started:

Trip Planning

Overnight Opportunities

Where you sleep can range from wild camping to a five-star hotel.

Bring Your Family

  • Introduce bike travel to your kids. Kids can ride their own bike from two wheelers, bikes with training wheels, to strider bikes. Little ones can sit in a bike trailer, bike seat, or tag-along bike.

Discover Urban Cycling Opportunities

You don’t have to drive hundreds of miles to start your Bike Travel Weekend trip from an urban area. Explore out your front door.

  • Bikeabout provides bicycle tourism information for a list of major U.S. and Canadian cities. Find routes, maps, public transportation resources, lodging, and more.

  • If you live in an urban area and don’t own a bike, use a Bike Share to explore urban parks by bike.

  • Bikemunk also offers a comprehensive list of bike share companies by state.

Ride on a Trail

Go Mountain Biking

Turn your mountain bike ride into an overnight adventure. Make sure that biking is allowed on the trails before you ride them.

  • Find mountain bike trails, what their conditions are, photos and videos of trails, and track your rides with Trailforks.

Bring Bikes Aboard

Put your bike on a bus, train, or boat and use public transportation to supplement your Bike Travel Weekend trip.

  • Use these planning tools to help you figure out which bike services each Amtrak route and station provides.

Be A Trail Steward

National Trails Day, June 6, overlaps with Bike Travel Weekend. Consider participating in a trail stewardship project as part of your trip.

Great Outdoors Month

June is also Great Outdoors Month. Great Outdoors Month encourages all of us-- outdoor rookies and experts alike-- to connect with and enjoy America's great outdoors.

Photo by Saara Snow