Bicycle Travel Awards

The 2015 Bicycle Travel Awards are open! We invite you to nominate your bicycle travel heroes!

Adventure Cycling's nationally recognized awards program acknowledges exemplary contributions to the success of bicycle travel. 

Every year, we present four awards that celebrate efforts to make bicycle adventures possible. Support can come in a myriad of forms — from route creation to a hot shower — and these awards are our organization’s way of saying a big, collective ‘Thank You.’ So visit the links below and let us know about the individuals or groups that have offered you inspiration!

The Pacesetter Bicycle Travel Award recognizes individuals, groups, businesses, and organizations that have consistently demonstrated extraordinary commitment, dedication, and service to the advancement of Adventure Cycling's mission of inspiring and empowering people to travel by bicycle.

The June Curry Trail Angel Award honors an individual or group encountered during a bicycle tour who made the cyclotourist's journey easier or possible by helping the cyclist through an act of goodwill.

The Braxton Bicycle Shop Award honors bicycle shops throughout the nation that go out of their way to provide unique or exemplary services to bicycle travelers.

The Adventure Cycling Volunteer of the Year Award is our way to say 'Thank you' to Adventure Cycling volunteers who are helping us inspire others to travel by bike.

One winner for each award will be selected in the fall of 2015 as per the criteria outlined in the nomination form. Nominations remain open throughout the year. Nominations for 2015 must be received by September 30, 2015. Acts of goodwill need not have happened in 2015 to qualify for the 2015 awards.

Photo by the noodleator on Flickr