Five New U.S. Bicycle Routes to celebrate in the New Year!

Jan 13th, 2021

Just before turning the page to 2021, we received notice of the approval for five more U.S. Bicycle Routes! These 290 new miles of routes bump the system to a total of 14,841 miles in 31 states and Washington, DC, including the addition of two new states — New York and North Dakota.

The character of these five new routes varies widely but all spotlight natural beauty. Here are some quick highlights showcasing the best of these routes. 

U.S. Bicycle Route 1 in Washington D.C.

Running for seven miles, Washington DC’s new segment of USBR 1 follows the popular Capital Crescent and Rock Creek trails along the Potomac River. These trails are also part of the East Coast Greenway and the Capital Trails Network and USBR 1 will eventually connect from the Canadian border in Maine to Key West.

U.S. Bicycle Route 30 in North Dakota

In contrast to DC’s urban trails, North Dakota’s 87.5 miles of USBR 30 follows low trafficked, wide open spaces where you’ll meet more prairie dogs than people! This route will eventually connect cyclists all the way to the Great Lakes and the Atlantic Coast.

Farm silo in the background with grape vines in the foreground.
A frequently viewed sight on USBR 11 in New York – grapevines and farm silos.
Harvey Botzman

U.S. Bicycle Route 11 in New York 

New York state’s USBR 11 travels almost 119 miles north to south on roads passing through charming rural landscapes from the shores of Lake Ontario to the border with Pennsylvania. Cyclists will ride along the shore of Seneca Lake with ample opportunities to swim, sip wine and stay overnight before arriving in historic Elmira en route to Corning and its famous Museum of Glass.

U.S. Bicycle Route 11 in West Virginia

Though many miles and a couple of states away, the New York USBR 11 route will one day connect to the nearly 18 miles of USBR 11 in West Virginia. This stretch treats riders to the joy of experiencing the history and beauty of Appalachian farm country, often with the Shenandoah River in sight.

Shenandoah River at Moulton Park.
Taking in a view of the Shenandoah River from Moulton Park on USBR 11 in West Virginia.
Matt Mullenax

U.S. Bicycle Route 201 in Maryland

In Maryland, USBR 201 shares routing with the East Coast Greenway on-road routing. Over its 62.5 miles, cyclists will pass through multiple historic town centers, crossing the Susquehanna River midway through.

To see a map of the National Corridor Plan showing all designated routes and corridors for future USBRs, see this webpage.

Read the full press release here.