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If you want to carry your bags lower to the ground and you don't need the convenience of a top plate, then the Ultimate LowRider is for you. The suspension-compatible Ultimate LowRider allows for lower-pannier mounting, which means better handling due to lower center of gravity. Mounts on suspension or rigid forks with brake posts (for V or cantilever brakes). If your suspension fork is disc-brake specific and doesn't have brake posts, you'll need the OMM Band Clamps to make it fit. You can choose from an upper and lower mounting point for your panniers, which have generous surface coverage from the Ultimate's ample size. For off-road touring, we recommend the Pioneer or Sherpa Front Rack for more clearance. Fits 26" and 29"/700c.


Load Capacity: 40 lbs

Weight: 550g / 22.9 oz / 1.43 lbs

Material: Powder-coated black


Average rating: based on 5 reviews.

No fuss, no muss


Reviewed By: Cdub on 3/31/16

Went on in a snap, and oddly keeps the Arkel Orca 25's secure like it was designed for them or something... weird.

Hang low on a Mtn Bike


Reviewed By: Larry Lansdowne on 7/21/14

They do hang lower than some of the other mounts, rough ground will need caution, but, offer lower weight loading and a better ride, hung mine on a front shock, still work fine

Some Assembly required . . .


Reviewed By: Craig Gaevert on 9/2/11

In general, this looks like a good rack. Now that it is on the bike, I'm looking forward to touring with it. Getting it on the bike was the trick. First the tabs that attach to the V-brake mounts don't clear the pivot arm of a Shimano brake. I had to grind a fair amount of material off in order to clear the pivot arm. This could have been solved with a thicker shim(s), but the bolts weren't long enough. Any brake bolt also ought to have Lock-tite pre-applied. In fitting the skewer mounts I found I had to unbolt it after initial assembly. One nyloc nut seized and I stripped the bolt head trying to separate the two. This is the second OMM product I've had where the nyloc seized. I had to use a Dremel tool with a thin cutting wheel to cut the bolt to get it apart. I also had to significantly bend the brackets to fit a 700C setup but I'll accept that as part of putting it on something other than a suspension fork. The cheap hardware is a real concern if you have to take it apart in the field. I've added a lubricant now to all the bolts so I can get the nylocs off, which defeats the point of using nylocs.



Reviewed By: James Thale on 8/24/10

I had a bit of trouble interpreting the instructions, but a phone call helped. I had to modify the mounting to attach to the braze-ons to my touring bike rather than the brake bosses. No real problem, just re-bent two of the supplied pieces. Once mounted nothing can move them!

A rock solid rack


Reviewed By: A customer from Pittsburgh, PA on 7/1/09

So now we both have these on the front of our bikes, and they seem rock-solid during use. As a low-rider rack, you cant place things across the top of the wheel, but I've never had an issue with handling when loading the front, either. These racks are a bit expensive, but you get what you pay for. Also, FYI, this rack does fit on the 2009 Novara Safari, though you have to tilt it at a slight angle (15 degrees?) to clear the disc brakes.

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