Ten Reasons Why You Should Ride the TransAmerica Trail

Jan 2nd, 2019

Reason 1: You can totally do it. Yes, totally. Worried about what you have to buy? Worried about being in shape? Don’t worry!

There are many things you might think you need for a long distance tour but don’t.

Reason 2

You don’t need a ton of money. And don’t ask us, ask contributor Jim McGowan. He rode across the country and has seven great tips to share about touring on a budget.

The TransAmerica Bicycle Trail began in 1973 as a way to celebrate the nation’s upcoming 200th birthday.
The TransAmerica Bicycle Trail began in 1973 as a way to celebrate the nation’s upcoming 200th birthday.
Adventure Cycling

Reason 3

Meeting people like Lael Wilcox or even Erick Cedeno. Those two are out traveling all the time. You might bump into one of them, but you’ll definitely bump into a whole bunch of other interesting people, like yourself, on a bicycle tour.

Reason 4

John Day Fossil Beds National Monument. Hike in the monument and learn from one of the planet’s most complete fossil records.

Reason 5

Yellowstone National Park. Ride through the world’s first national park, and perhaps the finest. Old Faithful, bears, elk … just don’t try to take a selfie with a bison. Tourists continue to prove that approaching those docile-looking, 1,400-pound creatures can really throw a horn into your visit.

Reason 6

The Gannett Grill in Lander, Wyoming. We’ve never been there, but Google says they have 4.2 stars out of 5 and that can’t be bad. Seriously, if you ride the TransAmerica Trail you might visit the Gannet Grill, but you’ll certainly visit a ton of interesting small bars and eateries across the U.S.

Reason 7

Hoosier Pass. If you ride to the top of this pass at 11,542 feet of elevation, well, you’ll have that on the list of accomplishments for the rest of your life! Here are four blogs that describe the experience of riding that infamous hill. Blog 1Blog 2 Blog 3 | Blog 4

Reason 8

Blue Ridge Parkway. Ride part of America’s 469-mile Parkway and see the glory of the Appalachian Highlands from your bike.

Reason 9

Thomas Jefferson’s Monticello. Visit Jefferson’s “essay in architecture,” a UNESCO World Heritage Site and, of course, a national treasure.

Reason 10

You won’t get lost because we have a map for that! Actually, we have 12 maps of the TransAmerica Trail. Linked together, they’ll guide you across the country on a proven route maintained by our staff of six cartographers.

Adventure Cycling has all the maps for every section of the TransAmerican Bicycle Route.
The classic bicycle route across America, detailed in our maps and navigation app.
Levi Boughn

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