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Adventure Cyclists visiting Missoula

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Each year, thousands of cyclists take to the roads of America to experience the thrill of traveling by bicycle. Bicycle travel and touring allows people to recapture the childlike delight of riding a bike, regain their fitness and health, build self-assurance and self-reliance, raise money for good causes close to their heart, and enjoy a completely unique journey filled with adventure and fun.

Without the tools and encouragement provided by Adventure Cycling, many would-be bicycle travelers would never be able to make their dreams of bicycle adventure a reality. They discover what we already know: traveling by bike is a defining life experience and a life-changing one as well.

Your support helps us continue to change lives by inspiring and empowering people to travel by bicycle. It helps us show others what great things can be experienced from behind handlebars, atop two wheels, fueled by sweat, climbing mountain passes, and descending with the wind in your face and bugs in your teeth.

Photo by Adventure Cycling Association