Crosspoint Ultra-Light Waterproof Socks

Product CodeBT-1819-1
Brand: Showers Pass
Extra lightweight, same waterproof-breathable protection. Can we make it lighter? Yes, we can! Built for cycling and close-fitting footwear, the Crosspoitn Ultra-Light waterproof socks feature a lower silhouette with 13% less bulk than our regular Lightweight socks. The extra absorbency and cushioning just in the toe are perfect for pedaling, all while keeping your feet protected from rain. It's 100% possible to have 100% waterproof-breathable socks without sweaty feet. Crosspoint socks are fully waterproof thanks to 3-layers: a wear-resistant knit exterior (feels like a regular sock), a waterproof breathable Artex™ membrane, and the natural moisture wicking anti-bacterial properties of merino wool in the inner sock. Our unique manufacturing process 3-D forms each sock so as to contour to your foot naturally, providing all-day support and comfort. The result is a sock that feels like a sock, but protects like a rain bootie. Now you don't have to choose between keeping your feet dry and breathability (we don't like sweaty feet either).
 US Men's  6-7  7-10  10-12  12-15.5
 US Women's  7-9  9-12  --  --
 Euro  37-40  40-44  44-46  46-48
 UK  5-6.5  7.5-9.5  9.5-11.5  11.5-14.4


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