Warm up Your Ride with Bar Mitts Handlebar Covers

January 3, 2016

Let’s face it. When the temperature drops, so does your time in the saddle, and frigid temperatures can have you opting for the comfort of a car rather than face the realities of winter on two wheels.

Not one to shy away from a challenge, I became determined to continue riding my bike this winter, despite the cold and snow. However, one major hurdle to my winter riding was trying to find the perfect balance between warmth and comfort.

Always first to go uncomfortably numb were my fingers and toes. Heavy winter boots solved my cold feet problems, but lobster finger gloves and thick gore tex snow gloves rarely did the trick for my fingers. They forced me to sacrifice dexterity and control over my shifting and braking, and often soaked through after a heavy deluge.

I recently tested out a pair of Bar Mitts handlebar covers here at Adventure Cycling HQ and put them to the test in the crucible of a Montana winter.  

Even the harshest weather became no match for the warmth and comfort of Bar Mitts. While the mercury dropped below freezing, and the sky opened up, my fingers stayed toasty warm and dry throughout my rides. The Bar Mitts have a waterproof, windproof, and cold-weather-proof design, which meant I could get away with riding glove-less or simply with a thin, lightweight glove. They fit snugly and secure with a Velcro clasp at the top of the handlebars, and due to the rigidity of the neoprene material, they stay put without moving or slipping around.

Bar Mitts truly take the hassle out of winter riding. Never again must you worry about finding a missing glove, taking your gloves on and off at the café, or stashing them in your bag or briefcase at work. Additionally, Bar Mitts come in all shapes and sizes. So, whether you ride a flat bar mountain bike, a fat bike with a Jones bar, a touring bike with bar end shifters, or a drop bar with integrated brake/shift levers, there’s a Bar Mitts that fits.

If you’re like me and love riding your bike year round, do yourself a favor and outfit your winter rig with a set of Bar Mitts handlebar warmers. Your fingers will thank you and you’ll enjoy your cold weather rides that much more.

Give the gift of winter warmth to your closest cycling friends with Bar Mitts! Available in the Cyclosource store.


Photos by Cassie Nelson and Brian Bonham


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