Sweet Memories

January 24, 2012

I was chewing on some ginger trail mix and all of a sudden a flood of memories rushed over me. I thought about a trip that I did with my friend Keri on the Trail of the Coeur d'Alenes bike path in Idaho last summer, and all the fun we had while we were snacking. "Don't eat all the ginger!" she laughed, as she caught me poking around picking the best parts out. "That's cheating!

It's funny how certain tastes can take us back. I still can't eat crunchy rice sticks. Josh and I packed them for a bike trip in Peru and for a few days that was all we ate. I still remember the moment when Josh finally snapped and fed the remainder to a skinny cow by the side of the road. Now, I feel queasy whenever I think of those slightly stale, salty chips.

I like to think of what tastes people might associate with me. I hope that whenever Josh has Juevos Rancheros he thinks of our fantastic tour in Baja, Mexico (and doesn't associate me with the water that made him ill for 3 days). I wonder if Lily thinks about me when she drinks super sweet Port wine--the same kind we drank when when we rode down the Pacific Coast for a week last summer. What foods do you associate with certain rides or people?

Photos by Josh Tack


SHIPPING NEWSis brought to you by Sarah Raz, sales representative/outreach coordinator/lover of all things outdoors. She also wishes Eddy Merckx was her father (sorry Dad!)


Anonymous January 24, 2012, 4:08 PM

JuJu fruits and hill climbs!! may have never made it up without those little chewy morsels of greatness!

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