Six Ways to Help Boost Bike Your Park Day

August 30, 2017

Thousands of people all over the world are signed up to ride Bike Your Park Day on September 30. Take a look at this map of all the rides.

Bike Your Park Day is all about getting people to explore parks and public lands by bicycle. But we need you to accomplish this goal. We’re relying on you to tell your friends, family, coworkers, neighbors, bike clubs, bike shops, book club, softball team, girl scout troop — you name it — about Bike Your Park Day. Now’s your chance to inspire someone to discover parks and public lands by the seat of a bicycle on #BikeYourPark Day. 

If you haven’t registered, make sure to do that first!

Sure, you’ll be registered to win a Seldom Seen bikepacking bike from Advocate Cycles, but sharing some details of your trip helps to inspire others too.

1. Share your ride on social media

You’ve registered an adventurous ride, now share it on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter … whichever social media channels you use. Post photos, use the event hashtags, #BikeYourPark and #AdventureCycling, and help inspire others to ride.

All the sharing resources you’ll need are on the Promote Your Ride page, including:

Encourage your friends and followers to register or join a ride on the Find A Ride page. As an extra incentive, everyone who registers by September 18 is automatically entered to win a bikepacking bike from Advocate Cycles and an Amtrak trip for two, with bikes, to Glacier National Park. 

Use a sample image or post your own image on social media.

2. Create a Facebook event page

Create a Facebook event page for your ride to help build excitement. Invite people to join you, track RSVPs, and keep everyone informed about plans. Use the sample text on our Promote Your Ride page as a template for your Facebook event page, or be creative and come up with your own.

3. Share on your website, in your newsletter, or in an old-fashioned email

If social media isn’t your thing, send out an email to your friends, family, coworkers … anyone you think might want to join the adventure. Use the sample Bike Your Park Day newsletter article or press release (.docx file) on the Promote Your Ride page to draft your email.

If your cycling club, bicycle advocacy group, or other community group wants to organize a Bike Your Park Day ride or just promote, the sample newsletter article and press release (.docx file) on the Promote Your Ride page will help you inspire others to join. Include the Bike Your Park Day logo (.zip file) and Bike Your Park Day graphics (.zip file) in your communications.

4. Share the Bike Your Park Day toolkit

Print out this poster (.zip file), fill in the blanks with details about your ride, and hang it up in your community.

Encourage your bike clubs, bike shops, tour companies, bicycle/pedestrian advocacy groups, outdoor- and recreation-focused organizations, and tourism agencies to participate in Bike Your Park Day. Maybe they just want to help promote Bike Your Park Day to their customers, members, and the public by encouraging them to go on a ride on September 30. Better yet, they can be part of the fun and plan a Bike Your Park Day ride themselves. Either way, the Bike Your Park Day toolkit (.pdf file) is designed with partner organizations in mind and includes everything they’ll need to know.

5. Hang up posters and flyers and hand out stickers

Contact us and we’ll mail you Bike Your Park Day stickers to share with others. Drop them off at businesses and organizations like bike shops, bike clubs, outdoor recreation stores, and community centers. Download a printable Bike Your Park Day flyer and poster (.zip files) to distribute in visible locations as well.

6. Wear your support for Bike Your Park Day

Now you can purchase Bike Your Park Day t-shirts (women’s and men’s cuts) and socks directly from Adventure Cycling’s Cyclosource store.

If you’re doing one or more of the steps above, BAM ... you’re a Bike Your Park Day Influencer! Yes, it’s that simple. Now let us reward you for your efforts: Sign up to be a Bike Travel Weekend Influencer by filling out this form and we’ll mail you a super-sweet Bike Your Park Day head tube badge as a thank you gift. We’ll also stay in touch with you regarding ways you can continue to share the bike travel love.

Sign up to be an Influencer and we’ll send you one of these head tube badges.

All of these resources and more are on the Bike Your Park Day Promote Your Ride page. Thanks for being part of the bike travel movement by helping inspire people all over the world to explore parks and public lands by bicycle.

Top photo The Path Less Pedaled | Photo 4 courtesy of Lassen NP | Photo 5 by Jamie Bianchini | Photos in image 6 and 7 by Tom Robertson


Bike Your Park Day Bike to or within nearby parks and public lands with thousands of people around the country on the same day — Bike Your Park Day on September 29, 2018. Bring friends and family to join the ride and discover the outdoor adventures in your backyard. Make it your own experience: ride any distance; go with friends, family, or join a group; bike on trails or roads. Visit a national or state park, monument, historic site, river, seashore, recreation area, preserve, forest, wildlife refuge, or parkway.  #BikeYourPark



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