Greg Siple's Retirement Interview

February 24, 2017

Adventure Cycling co-founder and Art Director, Greg Siple, retired on January 29, 2017. Before Greg and his bike travel legacy walked out the door, Adventure Cycling’s Design and Media Director, Mike Deme, sat down with Greg to discuss his career. Here’s a sample of that interview. Find Mike’s complete interview of Greg Siple here.

Introduction. What was your first cycling memory? What do you think makes bicycle travel so special?

One of your unofficial positions has been the Adventure Cycling archivist. Why do you think that was an important thing to do throughout the history of the organization?

Talk about your vision for the Adventure Cycling’s new book, published in 2016, America’s Bicycle Route — The Story of the TransAmerica Bicycle Trail.

Let’s talk about Bike Report which evolved into Adventure Cyclist magazine, one of the key benefits for members of Adventure Cycling. Talk about the magazine and what role it has played in the organization over time.

There was a brief period in the late 70s after Bikecentennial when the staff shrunk considerably and you were laid off, and you were not a staff member of Bikecentennial. What was that like? Did it catch you by surprise? Do you feel adrift?


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