Exploring USBR 7 in Vermont

May 15, 2018

best bike trails in Vermont, USBR 7, U.S. Bicycle Route System

Looking for the best bike trails in Vermont? The U.S. Bicycle Route System (USBRS) is more than a collection of roads; it’s also a collection of unique bike travel experiences. We’re highlighting one of the many experiences you’ll find on a U.S. Bicycle Route, thanks to Osprey Packs and Exodus Travels.

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The Best Bike Trails in Vermont

Dating back to the 19th Century, the Dorset Quarry was closed around the time of the First World War, when nearby springs began to fill it in. Now a popular swimming hole, local USBRS supporters call it “a must when you are hot and tired!” You’ll find the Dorset Quarry just off U.S. Bicycle Route 7 in Vermont.

Originally designated in 2015, U.S. Bicycle Route 7 (USBR 7) connects the Canada border to Long Island Sound, following the route of the Western New England Greenway. One day, you’ll be able to connect to other U.S. Bicycle Routes throughout the Northeast — but you don’t need to wait to explore the small communities and swimming holes of Vermont.

If you’re riding the full length of USBR 7, a refreshing swim in the Dorset Quarry can help mark the halfway point. You’ll need to detour slightly off the route, but word has it that it’s worth it. Or plan a shorter day trip out of one of the nearby communities — like East Arlington, home of the Village Peddler and “Chocolatorium.”

Since 2005, Adventure Cycling has been proud to shepherd the growth of the U.S. Bicycle Route System, which will connect thousands of experiences like the Dorset Quarry. If you don’t live in Vermont or along one of the 12,000 miles of currently designated U.S. Bicycle Routes (USBRs), don’t worry, more USBRs are being developed every day. Help us grow the network — and connect you to more unique bike travel experiences — by donating today.

Photos by Terry Burke and Tom O’Brien


May is National Bike Month! The U.S. Bicycle Route System (USBRS) has resources to make your May and everyday more bicycle friendly. Support our efforts and donate $5, $10, $50 to help build the largest bicycle network in the world! Donate Today!


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