Epic Tours (the long ones) Are Calling

January 18, 2017

Seligman, AZ

We all observe special, “significant decade” birthdays ... who doesn’t remember their 20th celebration? 50th? 70th? Since arriving to work here at Adventure Cycling, I’ve come to appreciate just how many of our members honor those milestones with the bicycle trip of a lifetime — an epic tour. The most memorable person, to me, was the gentleman who turned 80 on his cross-country TransAmerica Trail ride.

Road trip! Can you remember watching the TV show where Todd Stiles and Buz Murdoch flew down the highway in that iconic Chevy Corvette? Did you hum the theme song to yourself constantly, or long to experience adventure and excitement on a months-long road trip? Then perhaps you should make your dream come true on Adventure Cycling’s van-supported Bicycle Route 66 epic ride this spring.

Cross country! And why stop there when you have the opportunity to ride across the entire continent? Adventure Cycling’s inaugural Chicago to New York tour picks up where Route 66 ends, taking you from the Windy City to the Big Apple. Dip your tires into the Pacific, Lake Michigan, the Atlantic, and dip into your dream adventure.

Are you celebrating a birthday that ends in a zero this year? Even if the answer is no, grab life by the bars, throw your excuses to the wind, and join your fellow celebrants of life in the ride of a lifetime. Our epic tours are calling you by name!

Enjoy these photos from our eight-week, self-contained, eastward ride on Bicycle Route 66, led by Adventure Cycling tour leader Brian Managan in the spring of 2016. Recently, Brian shared this epic tour on The Mother Road here.

Ute Mountains

Tulsa, OK
Amboy Crater

Photo 1, 2, 4, 5 Brian Managan | Photo 3 Krista McNamee


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