Cycling Louisiana: More than just biking

February 10, 2015

Although cycling in Louisiana is not the first destination that comes to mind when planning a week or two on the road, Cajun country has a lot to offer the spring or fall cyclist. Being a New England Yankee (but not by birth) for 3 decades, cycling through the Louisiana countryside discovering a unique place in America is a real treat, one to experience on the seat of a bicycle. It is much more than just cycling; but let's start there.

Cycling on flat, low-traffic roads can be a real treat. Although road surfaces can be a bit rough, the right size tire will go a long way to happy riding. Shorts and sleeveless in April in Louisiana is typical. Warm, sunny days are prominent with an occasional T-Storm in the afternoon is typical.

Authentic cuisine is the norm in Louisiana. Contrary to popular opinion it is not all fried in the south. Etouffees, gumbo, catfish, crawfish, dirty rice, collards, red beans & rice along with more 'different' foods like gator, frogs legs, turtle soup, snake and grits provide an opportunity for lots of gastronomic fun!

Cajun and Zydeco music dominate the local music scenes. The upbeat, happy musical expressions just make you want to get up and dance.

Dancing to Zydeco

What better place to dance and listen to music than the famous Freds Lounge in Mamou, LA; a must experience



A visit is not complete without seeing the alligator. Louisiana has more than 1 million gators! Tops in the country along with Florida. You can help but see these beautiful creatures.

Cyprus swamps galore; home of the gator and other wildlife.


Crawfish farming in the bayou. Often rotated with rice farms. Did you notice that no one wears long sleeves? It is that comfortable in the spring.


Swamp boat and kayak tours will allow you to explore the mysteries of this wet habitat.

History and Culture abound. Colonized by France and French Canadians, you can find these influences everywhere. When done with the countryside, hop down to New Orleans for quite a difference experience.



Historic Evangeline Oak is another must see!

You could experience Louisiana solo, but bring a friend or two or three. Louisiana is a party place whether in the big city or the countryside.


My taste buds and feet are popping with my memories of traveling in and through Louisiana. Check out cycling Louisiana in southern style.


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Post by Arlen Hall | Photos by Greg Edwards

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