Share the Joy

Bike Friday All Packa photo by Joe Cruz

Share the joy and win!

We know you love cycling, and now you can spread the joy of cycling and get a chance to win a cool bike!

Bike Friday All Packa

Between now and December 31, 2024, for each cyclist you refer to Adventure Cycling, you will get one chance to win a Bike Friday All-Packa bike. (Actual color and components of the bike may differ from this photo.)

Here are 3 ways to get involved with the Share the Joy campaign:

  • Give a Gift Membership: If you know that a friend or family member would love to be a member you can give them a gift membership now. The more you give, the more chances to win!
  • Send a sample issue of Adventure Cyclist to a friend; It’s free, and you will be entered into the drawing!
  • Send your friend an email that will allow them to request a free issue of Adventure Cyclist on their own. If they request information or join as a result of your email, you’ll be entered into the drawing.

If you are not a current member of Adventure Cycling and want to participate, join now.

Start browsing through your address book and your bike club’s membership roster, and get your friends and fellow riders excited about Adventure Cycling. You have until December 31, 2024, to share the joy of bicycle travel!

Read the complete contest rules.

2023 Winner

Tumbleweed Prospector:  Jennifer Erxleben,  a 7-year member from Bozeman, MT

2022 Winner

Mone Pebblito:  Melisa Balkcom,  a 3-year member from Tallahassee, FL

2021 Winner

Co-Motion Americano:  Inge Terpening,  a 19-year member from Phoenix, AZ

2020 Winner

Salsa Cutthroat bike:  Stephen Scrivner,  a 27-year member from Erie, CO

2019 Winner

REI Co-Op ADV 3.1 bike:  Annette Stumpf,  a 2-year member from Champaign, IL

2018 Winners:

Co-Motion Divide bike:  David Conde,  a 2-year member from Oxford, NC

Amtrak Trip: Pamela Murray from Charlotte, NC

2017 Winners:

Advocate Seldom Seen : Tom Bugeya, a 2-year member from Cave Creek, AZ 

Surly Disc Trucker: Peter Rice, a 13-year member from Lincoln, CA

Surly ECR: Russ Frye, a 7-year member from Columbus, OH

Surly ECR: Susan Freeland, a 15-year member from Philadelphia, PA

Surly Disc Trucker: Flavia Muttera, a 16-year member from Walnut Creek, CA

Amtrak Trip: Dena Paolilli, a 4-year member from San Luis Obisbo, CA

2016 Winners:

Salsa Marrakesh Bicycle:  Mark Ploegstra,  a 6-year member from Ames, IA

Salsa Marrakesh Bicycle (Bike Your Park Day): Ray Neff from Milton, FL

Salsa Marrakesh Bicycle (Bike Travel Weekend): Kenny Williams from Sacramento, CA

2015 Winner:

Giant Revolt 1 Bicycle:  Michael Welch, a 3-year member from Minneapolis, MN

2014 Winner:

Novara Ponderosa 29er Bicycle:  Coreen Fraiser, a 12-year member from Little Rock, AR

2013 Winners:

Raleigh Sojourn Bicycle: Rob & Pat Wheelhouse, 15-year life members from Rochester, NY.

2012 Winner:

Giant Rapid 1 Bicycle: Peter Christensen, an 8-year member from Idaho Falls, ID.

2011 Winners:

REI/Novara Verita Bicycle: Richard Levy and Sarah Westendorf (family membership), 5-year members from Steamboat Springs, CO.

$500 Cyclosource Shopping Spree Winners: Ivan Napel & Aiko Hanyu, 11-year members (family membership) from Houston, TX.

2010 Winners:

Drakkar Bike Winner: Peter Hall, a 13-year member from Falmouth, ME

$500 Cyclosource Shopping Spree Winner: Ed Boyle, a 19-year member from Philadelphia, PA, (for the second year in a row!)

2009 Winners:

Bike Friday Winner: John Orlinski, 26-year member from California

$500 Cyclosource Shopping Spree Winner: Ed Boyle, 18-year life member from Pennsylvania