Annual Survey

What do members think about Adventure Cycling?

In February 2018, Adventure Cycling conducted our 11th annual Member Survey. 25.5% of our members responded and contributed their thoughts on how we are doing and what we should be working on in the future. Here is what they told us:

  • 95% of our members would recommend Adventure Cycling to a friend. If you'd like to do this, check out our Share The Joy program.
  • 92% of respondents rated Adventure Cyclist magazine as Above Average or higher. Give a free sample issue to a cycling friend.
  • 87% of respondents think an Adventure Cycling membership is a good value.

“By far and a way the best information and resources for extended (multi-day) bicycle touring, especially self-supported touring.”

“The mission, the route maps, the building of excitement for bike touring, the help on the website - all great!”

“Being an Adventure Cycling member literally changed the trajectory of my life in the most wonderful ways. I think the support you provide for people looking to have adventures by bike is top-notch, from inspiration through Adventure Cyclist magazine, quality maps that make it possible, and tours.“

“Passion. I just love the passion in all you do. Even though this is a national organization, the personality of the organization makes me feel like I am part of something uniquely special. Thanks for adding to the richness of my cycling journey.”

“Adventure Cycling does a tremendous job of representing cycling on a broad front. The route development and map services are the best. Even in this age of excellent digital maps, the Adventure Cycling maps are still quite relevant because you understand the needs and requirements of cyclists.”

“I love the organization and am completely passionate about its purpose: to support cyclists who use their bicycles to explore the world and go on adventures. I am a life member and over the years I have been proud to see you build a fabulous cycling network, expand to provide many new resources (electronic as well as print) to adventurous cyclists, promote touring and offer your own tours, educate the public...You have done a superb job!"

“Great enthusiasm, unique office customer relations, and very original product. Doing a great job positioning adventure cycling to appeal to more common cyclists, while still catering to extreme travelers and daydreamers.”