Our Impact at Bikerversary

Jun 15th, 2022

Adventure Cycling Association’s mission to inspire, empower, and connect with people to bicycle travel is the reason for our Bike Overnights Program. We were invited to Bikerversary in Atlanta, Georgia. Bikerversary is an outdoor bicycle festival that celebrates black folks on bikes with a block party, rides, races, panels, art exhibit, and awards.

As part of our participation in Bikerversary, Adventure Cycling board member Erick Cedeño — also of Bicycle Nomad — joined the festivities. To share the joy of bicycle travel, he went on a bikepacking trip to Panola State Mountain Park and talked about his unique bicycle adventures with people new to bicycle travel.

Once Erick arrived in Atlanta, he met with our new Events Coordinator, Timberley Jones of Spokes Digital Media. Their partnership included spreading the word about Adventure Cycling and our Bike Overnights Program.

The bike overnights adventure started at Loose Nuts Cycles and ended about 25 miles away at Panola State Mountain Park Campgrounds. The weather and vibes were great! Along the way, Erick and Timberley brainstormed ways to inspire and share resources with people who are interested in experiencing the joy of bike travel.

Erick and Timberley rode to Panola Mountain State Park, set up their tents, and spent the night under the stars. Friday morning came fast, and they left the campsite for the ride back to Atlanta.

Bikerversary 2022 Community Ride

Saturday, Timberley set up an information table at the outdoor event. She engaged cyclists with questions about their bike adventures and interest in participating in a Bike Overnight trip. The tabling portion was a team effort. Timberley trained a local ambassador, Alexander, on Adventure Cycling’s mission and key talking points for bike travel. The table included items a cyclist would need if they decided to go on a bike overnight trip self supported. 

With Erick and the event team working the crowd, we reached our event goals. New cyclists were introduced to Adventure Cycling Association and we got their gears spinning about what’s possible.  

Bike Travel Presentation

Sunday, Erick gave a presentation sharing tips and tricks for bicycle travel. The participants asked questions about Erick’s adventures over the last 13+ years. He’s a great storyteller and really got the participants excited about loading up their bikes for their own unique bike travel adventure.

Join the Bike Overnights Mission

If you are interested in collaborations and partnerships, please reach out to our events team at t.jones@adventurecycling.org.

We’re available to come to an event, or present to your organization about bike travel in person or virtually.

Photos and info courtesy Timberley Jones, Spokes Digital Media