We’re all part of this community. Adventure Cycling’s Guided Tours response to COVID-19 here.

Guided Tours During COVID-19

Making Plans for the Trip You Love

During this dynamic time, we know that you still want to travel and explore by bike. Here at Adventure Cycling, we’ve been leading tours for more than 40 years, and we’re ready to keep going forward. Your comfort and safety, along with the safety of other participants, our Leaders, and people in the communities in which we visit are our top priority. While traveling by bike is never risk free, we’re taking steps to provide you with a great experience, enhancing our already tried and true standards.

We will continue to evaluate each tour as we get closer to its departure. We will make the final decision if a tour runs at least 45 days prior to departure. We’ll be looking at federal, state, and local guidelines and restrictions as well as recommendations from public health officials in making the determination as to whether a tour will run. 

Looking out for each other is more important than ever:

The spirit of an Adventure Cycling tour is camaraderie and togetherness. In a time where these ideals have been challenged, we ask that you do not travel to or attend a tour if your temperature is above 100F, if you are experiencing any COVID-19 related symptoms, or if you have been exposed to someone who has tested positive for the virus within two weeks of your tour. We’re all relying on each other to make your tour a healthy and safe possibility for all. 

Flexibility for Your travels

We know that making plans is important, and having the flexibility to change those plans is key. Our cancellation and transfer policy for our 2021 tours is available for you to view to help you make your plans.


A fed cyclist is a happy cyclist, and having plenty of nutritious food on your tour is key to a great trip. Each of our tour models will handle food a bit differently.

Fully Supported

Our fantastic caterers are keeping sanitation a top priority. Our buffet lines will have our caterers and staff preparing your plate with the items you choose. Lunches will be premade, and snacks will be grab-and-go style. You'll have the freedom to space out while eating to reduce close contact with others.

Van Supported and Self Contained

We’ll be sticking to our group shared cooking model, with extra precautions. In a rotation with group members throughout the trip, you’ll shop and prepare food for dinner for everyone to enjoy. For breakfast and lunch, you’ll set out items for group members to make their own meals, striving for individually packaged items. The cooks for the day will wear a face covering and gloves while preparing and setting out food, and whenever a member of the group is around the group food, we'll ask you to keep a face covering on.

Inn to Inn

We’ll eat at established restaurants for breakfast and dinner, choosing small groups to sit with or a take out meal. You’ll still make your own lunch with the fixings provided, aiming for individually packaged items. Alternately, we'll point out places along the route you may decide to stop and grab a to-go lunch from.


After each meal, you’ll be able to wash your personal dish set as well as group dishes in the three-bin wash station — rinse-wash-sanitize — the same system used in restaurants.

Vans and Shuttles

Vehicles are present on our Van Supported and Fully Supported Tours. These vehicles are used for emergency (medical or mechanical) use only. You should come prepared to ride each day’s mileage.

Some of our tours in all of our tour formats have designated shuttles, run either by Adventure Cycling or another operator. Any time you’re in a vehicle with Adventure Cycling, you’ll be asked to wear a face covering. Vehicles will have their surfaces wiped down and sanitized each day.


Our tours stay at a variety of overnight locations, from private campgrounds to remote campsites to motels, hotels, and hostels. We are checking with each overnight location about their requirements for our visit. For indoor overnights, we will pair traveling companions together to share a room, and work to have single supplements available to solo travelers who request one as often as possible. Some tours may not have the ability for a solo room. Please contact us if you would like to have a single room for any indoor overnights.

Group Dynamics

Traveling by bike is exciting, and sharing that experience with others can bring it to the next level. Now more than ever, we have the responsibility to look out for each other. When we gather as a group, we’ll practice physical distancing, and when that is not possible, we’ll ask everyone to wear a face covering. This will be any time more than one person is in a vehicle, and may also take place during group meetings and while serving food. You’ll want to bring a face covering that you’re comfortable with (we’ll have extras just in case) as well as some personal hand sanitizer that you can carry with you. Your tour leaders will point out hand washing and sanitization locations at each overnight. 

We Can't Wait to Ride with You

We can’t wait until the time is right to get back on the road or trail, and we’ll be ready to ride with you when it is. We also know that we can’t rush things and appreciate your support and understanding while we navigate our new way forward.