Q Brand Thorn Resistant Q-Tubes

Q Brand

Beefier tubes for thorny rides.  4mm wall thickness in the tread area and 2mm in the rim area.


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Qtubes thorn resitant


Reviewed By: Guy Laronche on 3/23/16

I was planning to carry them as spares for my Southern Arizona Adventure Tour but I could not. They come in boxes that are 10 x 3.75 x 2.3 inches vs a normal tube box of 4.25 x 3 x 1.5 inches. I also did not have the time to mount them on my bike and do a thorough test before leaving. They seem sturdy (think garden hose)..On the other hand I did not have a flat during the tour with my standard tube and my Continental Gatorskin tires. So the jury is still out on my side.

Product Reviews Elsewhere Not Encouraging


Reviewed By: Don on 1/8/16

I'm headed out on the ST route soon and needed thorn protection as I've read of the flats ahead. This tube brand appeared to be a good idea, however, I suggest people google reviews around the internet for this brand. I only read a few and they were not encouraging. Although they are thicker to resist punctures, their quality of manufacture apparently is the weak aspect to them and they fail.

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