Schwalbe Marathon HS 420

$43.00 - $48.00

Developed over 20 years ago, at that time it was a quantum leap in performance. The first high-quality tire suitable for reliable touring as well as everyday use. These characteristics quickly made it popular and today it is still Europe’s most ridden touring tire. In the newest version with KevlarGuard and Allround tread compound it can easily fulfill everything that is expected of a Marathon tire: effective puncture protection, durability and excellent handling characteristics. Wire bead.

(Sold Individually)


  26x1.75 700x28 700x32 700x35
Weight 875g 560g 640g 730g
PSI 45-70 80-110 65-95 58-85




Average rating: based on 12 reviews.

Touring Tire Rating:

Reviewed By: Reid Robinson on 4/25/16

Interesting. I also bought a pair of these for a cross country trip on my Trek 520 in 2013. I wanted a durable tire that could handle occasional gravel roads and shoulders of cracked pavement. These fit the bill. No matter the road surface, wet or dry, I feel secure riding on these tires.

Schwalbe Marathon hs 420 Rating:

Reviewed By: Gerry Wright on 1/15/14

I bought two of these tires for my Trek 520 for a coast to coast tour in June of 2013. I had one flat on the rear, not the tires fault. A really sharp peace of glass worked itself into the tire. Over the 4200 mile trip the thread is only half worn and the tires really held up great. I am sold on these tires and will buy them again.

Schwalbe tires Rating:

Reviewed By: A customer from Redlands, CA on 10/8/12

We have ridden a lot in Europe and Schwalbe seems to be the common tire. Bought a set for our tandem. Seem like really well made tires. Have so far only used off road (50 miles), and could use a wider tire, but we mostly ride on road, and I think they will be very comfortable.

Best touring tire Rating:

Reviewed By: A customer from Park City, UT on 7/9/12

This is the best touring tire I have owned in over 30 years of touring. It is light, fast and very durable. My touring often takes me of the well traveled roads to explore places you just can't get to without getting on gravel and dirt; these tires perform amazingly well.

Initial Impressions Rating:

Reviewed By: Brian Moore on 7/5/12

After a 50-mile maiden voyage on mostly hilly gravel roads and blacktop, I am so far very happy with these tires. Very stable and smooth in corners. Good traction on gravel -- these tires seem to plow through loose gravel rather than bounce around on top of it. Bonus: on gravel they have a cushiony ride similar to bigger-volume mtn bike tires. Four stars instead of five because they are heavy tires, especially when paired with the thorn-resistant tubes. It takes a little extra torque to get things rolling, but once up to speed, I don't feel that I have to slow down for much.

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