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The best eyeglasses-mounted mirror money can buy also mounts to helmet visors. Made in the USA, very adjustable, and perpetually guaranteed by the manufacturer, this mirror surface is 1 7/16" x 1 1/16" and has a forward extension of 3".



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Good clear view


Reviewed By: Lynn B on 11/15/19

I already have one of these and bought an extra for a tour I am taking next year. If the one I have broke, I would be lost without it. I use it all the time when riding even on the sidewalks. Gives you a good idea of traffic behind me.

Best I've tried.


Reviewed By: Glen G. on 8/8/19

I've tried a few helmet mounted mirrors and handlebar mirrors but feel most comfortable with a glasses mounted mirror. I've tried 2 other brands and they were very inferior. I love the adjust-ability and view I get from this mirror. I've been using them for about 12 years and have broken 2, leading to my recent purchase of 3 more so I could have a few spares or one for a friend. Excellent craftsmanship.

Excellent mirror


Reviewed By: Thomas williams on 7/4/19

I have uses several box store versions that are totally worthless,but this mirror works very well. I am nearsighted and have strong corrective lenses, but I can see perfectly with these. I echo the other comments on adjustability and still able to hold a position once set.

Well designed and built. 5 STARS


Reviewed By: Doug Snow on 5/13/19

I have used helmet and handlebar mirrors in the past but the "Take a Look" mirror is far more convenient to use and easier to install than those. It is light, very adjustable and provides excellent visibility behind me. I would highly recommend and have purchased a handful of them which I have given to friends and family.

Putting It Behind Me


Reviewed By: Rick Putnam on 7/27/18

A cyclist using a rear view mirror is kind of like a driver using a seat belt. Uncomfortable, time-consuming, and it takes some getting used to. Pretty soon, you wonder how you ever got along without it. Good fit, highly adjustable, and sturdy. Even high winds didn't change the position of the mirror. The only weakness to this mirror is me; I'm so doggone clumsy, I keep bashing it with my hands when I take off my helmet. If you are a normal human being, this mirror will deliver years of service. If you're a bull-in-the-China-shop kind of guy as I am, you'll get good service out of it. If you're more ungainly and graceless than I, no mirror is gonna do it for you.

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