How to Record the Best Parts of Your Bike Tour

May 29th, 2019

We all want to capture that perfect view or hilarious sign or magical encounter that we’re just destined to experience on a bicycle tour. With widespread internet and a camera always in your pocket, the ways to capture these moments are vast. Tap into your creative side so that the best moments of your adventure aren’t forgotten.

It’s also a good idea to stay connected with the folks you’ve left behind: they’re excited for your travels, inspired by your courage, and maybe just a little bit nervous for your safety. Plus, the record of your adventure might inspire someone to try bicycle touring for themselves.

Blogging on your bike tour can help you and your family with homesickness.


Many cyclists keep a blog or webpage so their friends and family can follow along on their adventures. Blog posts can be done as often or infrequently as you like and usually include both written stories and photographs. There are seemingly innumerable websites where you can start a blog for free.

A journal on your bike tour will be time well spent.


Bicycle travel offers opportunities for thinking deeply about our lives. There is time to reflect on the past as well as dream about the future. Journaling helps us remember physical experiences as well as our thoughts and emotions while touring.

Some studies have shown that writing in a journal also decreases stress and promotes better sleep — two things we can all benefit from while traveling.

Besides, travel journals and photos are some of the best ways to commemorate your trip.

Keep your camera handy on your bike trip, otherwise you won't take as many photos.


Not all of us are gifted photographers, but with enough patience and practice, we can capture beautiful images that will last a lifetime. The best camera is the one you have; just be sure to keep it somewhere protected yet handy, like in a waterproof handlebar bag. You’ll want quick access in order to snap a photo of that distant buffalo or dreamy sunset. With time, you can play with different angles, lighting, and image filters. There’s no shortage of beauty on a bicycle tour.

Still photos are great, but videos of your bike tour are more immersive.

Videography or Vlogging

If you’d like to take your documentation to the next level, you can take videos as well as photos. Short videos can be uploaded to your blog, webpage, or social media. You can also create your own Youtube channel to post all your videos in one place. 

Don't forget about social media on your bike tour!

Share on Social

You may already have a Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter account, all of which are excellent places to share photos and short stories about your bicycle tour. You can even create your own touring hashtag.

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