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Briana Cohen
Briana Cohen is an adventurous community educator. She leads bike explorations for all ages and abilities with Ghisallo Cycling Initiative and frequents on self-supported bike tours to move with changing landscapes, such as from Colorado to Oregon, along the California Coast, in Italy's Tuscany Valley, and within Central Texas. She was a recipient of Adventure Cycling's Greg Siple Award and led the Fearless Tandem. Briana is becoming a nature-based therapist, interweaving movement and outdoor experiences, to deepen connections with the self, others, and nature. She loves fruit, permaculture, and potlucks because they bring a sweet fusion of sensations, people, natural spaces, cultures, music, food, dancing, gathering, delight, joy... and healthy living.
Biking to me is all rhythm, a movement that helps us cycle in sync with ourselves and others. After years of riding with friends, kids, neighbors, older folks, bike groups, and ...
Dec 18th, 2023
This is the second Langford Elementary School bike camping trip supported by Adventure Cycling’s Bike Overnights program. You can read about the first one here. For over seven years, Langford ...
Nov 6th, 2023