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Each year, hundreds of cyclists grab their maps, plan their tours, pack their panniers or trailers, and head for the open roads and trails of America. Many of these intrepid two-wheeled travelers would like to have company for the journey. If you're looking for a touring companion for your adventure, here's the place to start. The cyclists below are all members of the Adventure Cycling Association, and they're getting ready to pack up and take off.

Please note: Adventure Cycling assumes, but cannot verify, that the persons advertising here are truthfully representing themselves. You should always take some time to meet your prospective traveling companions and discuss your tour plans before you begin your travels together.

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Cross Country

Southern Tier East to West - February 2017

Created: Dec 5, 2016

Hello, I am a 66-year-old male planning to Leave St. Augustine, FL, for San Diego around February 11, 2017. Probably about 40–50 miles per day, I am in no hurry. Combination of camping and motels. I am flexible in terms of departure and arrival dates. Looking forward to seeing and experiencing the culture. Email

Recumbent Trike Tour - Open to Area

Created: Dec 2, 2016

Retired 64-year-young male that rides a Recumbent Trike (because they are fun and best for touring) looking for like-minded Trike rider(s) that would like to plan and do a tour. Mostly camping and cooking. Open to Sierra Cascade, Northern, Southern, TransAmerica or ???? Just looking for others who want to have a triking adventure. Email

Sierra Cascades (?) Summer 2017 or something else!

Created: Dec 1, 2016

Looking for a companion to join me for a truly intense, beautiful, and fun ride. I like the idea of the Sierra Cascades but something through Arizona, Utah, and/or Colorado would be similarly enjoyable. 85–100+ miles a day — I went cross country last summer at a similar pace and enjoyed it. Happy to start anytime after June 1. If you're interested or have any other route ideas, don't hesitate to reach out! Email

TransAmerica Trail, East to West, mid-May 2017

Created: Dec 1, 2016

Got a new touring bike this spring and it's time to put it to good use. Planning a cross-country trip on the legendary TransAmerica Bicycle Trail, East to West. I'm a little flexible on the starting date, best for me being the middle of May. I'm a mid-50s male with a fair bit of touring experience. I am looking for someone to travel with who has a sense of adventure, laid back, and upbeat with a positive attitude. Doesn't matter to me if you have traveled around the world or this is your first time out, as long as you're ready for the trip of a lifetime. Plan is to average in the range of 50 to 75 miles a day, rest days as needed. Mostly camping with some warmshowers stays when available. Email


Created: Nov 28, 2016

I plan to depart February 27 from the Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco, and ride south to Santa Monica following ACA's Pacific Coast Highway Maps #4 and #5. Then to Chicago following ACA's Bicycle Route 66 map set. Then to Rehoboth Beach, Delaware, following roads, not trails. I plan on 40 to 70 miles per day, self-sustained, camping @ RV parks, etc, with a hotel stop once per week. Winter camping gear and clothing is advised for most of this trip, especially in the higher elevations of Arizona and New Mexico. This is an independent ride with no affiliations. I assume no liability for those who elect to participate. Please email me if you are interested. Thank you Email

Northern Tier - West to East

Created: Nov 28, 2016

I'm a 67-year-old retired male looking for one or two people to join me. Doing 50-60 miles a day. This will be my first big tour. I have done several double centuries and recently this July did a 7-day tour around the Olympic Peninsula. I plan on camping and cooking with occasional hotel stays. This is a lifetime adventure and will be flexible to see the sites and meet interesting people. I currently live on San Juan Island in Washington and will be starting from here in mid-May 2017. Email

2017 Southern Tier

Created: Nov 22, 2016

Looking for someone interested in doing the Southern Tier with me in 2017. Will be departing San Diego on February 15, 2017. Will be buying my Amtrak tickets down that way soon. I'm a mid-20s male who has a lot of tour experience. I've done 5 long tours before. Most recently a 5,177-mile trek from Portland, OR, to Portland, ME, from May to August 2016. I had company on all of them except for my tour this summer. Rode solo for all but about 5 days the entire trip. I travel light. Eat at campground. Only stay in hotels in emergencies. Please email me if you're interested! Put "Southern Tier" in the subject line! Email

TransAm 2017

Created: Oct 26, 2016

Riding west to east on TransAm Trail self-contained, starting May 15, 2017. Female, 62 years old. Would love to have a few companions for the trip. New to self-contained touring but have done lots of multi-day trips. Plan on about 50 miles a day to start for a break-in period. Want to see the sights along the way so no hurry to finish. Have traveled solo but prefer to travel with friends old and new. Email

Transam 2017 prefer West to East, open to E to W

Created: Oct 26, 2016

Thinking about doing this tour for my 50th birthday, which is in July 2017, but I teach and can't make the existing tour dates. Tour dates that I could do are 5/20–7/22-23. It would be 9 weeks so about 79 miles of riding per day with one day off each week. I have not done self-supported tour before, but I am up for the challenge and could possibly add one more week for 10 weeks (71 miles/day). I am very open to other suggestions/ideas, but I need to stick with these dates. I want to take my time and enjoy the experience. Camping and hotels are OK. Email

TransAm Westward May 2017

Created: Oct 10, 2016

Riding ACA's TransAm route self-contained east to west in May starting in Yorktown, VA. Timeframe is approximately 10-12 weeks. I am 25 years old with some touring experience and a minimalist/lightweight approach for total gear carried. Will utilize campsites and warmshowers to keep overall expenses as low as possible. I am just looking for one to two other cyclists as it is easier to get around/find hosts in a much smaller group. Email

Southern Route San Diego to St Augustine 2017

Created: Oct 6, 2016

I am a 62-year-old male in excellent condition looking to average 60-75 miles per day on a self-supported trip. I am open to camping most of the time with an occasional stay at Warm Showers, hostels, or motels along the route. I can leave mid to late February and need to complete by the end of April. I have experience on 200- to 300-mile routes but never across country. Email

April 1, 2017: TransAm Eastbound

Created: Oct 3, 2016

I've already completed the first 1/3 of the TransAm in 2016 from Astoria, Oregon, through the Rockies, and stopping near Pueblo, Colorado. Had to quit due to last summer's "Heat Dome" and heat that reached 109 degrees near the Kansas state line. That total was 1,200 miles. Not expecting to be in perfect sync with another rider but start out together, regroup now and then, and finish the day's goal at the same location. Help one another out as needed. Will be staying at cheap hotels. About 55 miles per day. I already have the full set of maps & RideWithGPS plotted. Email

2017 West to East and then North

Created: Sep 29, 2016

Male, aged 69, leaving Astoria around June 1 bound for York Beach, Maine, via the TransAm, Underground Railroad Route, and finally the Northern Tier. Riding 50+ miles per day and sleeping wherever, including the occasional motel. Not planning on cooking. I'm totally prepared to do this solo, but some company along the way might be nice. Drop me a line if you're interested. Email

Washington State to Florida, March/April 2017

Created: Sep 26, 2016

I'm looking for travel companions to ride with on an epic tour across the U.S. from the U.S./Canadian border at Blaine, Washington, to Key West, Florida, via the Pacific Coast, Southern Tier, and Atlantic Coast routes. We will begin on Saturday, March 4, 2017, with an estimated arrival in Key West on Tuesday, May 2, 2017. We plan to average about 100 miles per day with a day of rest per week and spending the nights in motels with comfortable beds and hot showers. Please contact me via email and let's experience this challenging adventure together. Email

Golden Gate Bridge to Delaware via Route 66 2017

Created: Sep 26, 2016

Timing: February 15 to May 1. Route: San Francisco to Santa Monica following ACA’s Pacific Coast Highway maps #4, #5, then east, from the Santa Monica Pier to Chicago following ACA’s Bicycle Route 66 maps, then east, from Buckingham Fountain, Chicago, to Rehoboth Beach, DE, following Google Maps (more on this stage once we talk). Remarks: Seeking a few riding companions for all or portions of this ride. I plan to average 65 miles per day, self-sustained, 85% camping (RV parks, KOA, Warmshowers, etc), 15% hotels. Facts: Seasonal nighttime temps in northern Arizona and New Mexico will dip into the low 20’s, so be prepared to experience all 4 seasons on any given day – with lots of wind in the Texas Panhandle. Winter camping gear and clothing is advised for the entire trip. The February 15 departure is intended take advantage of California’s relatively mild winter season (compared to the rest of the country) and to get past the Southwest deserts and Midwest portions of BR 66 before the daily temperatures climb into the triple-digit range. Also to ride in cooler weather, lighter traffic, and to get the jump on bug season! This is an independent ride with no affiliations, and though I am seeking a few riding companions, I assume no liability for those who elect to participate. If you have any questions, advice, or suggestions, I look forward to hearing from you. Thank you. Gary. Email

The Restore Honor Ride — CA to DC 2017

Created: Sep 26, 2016

This ride is to recognize and honor all the LGBT veterans who served our country and to raise awareness that they can now upgrade their discharges, get the benefits that they've been denied, and re-enlist if they are still eligible. We will start in April 2017 in Santa Monica on the Route 66 trail, transition to the TransAmerica Trail, and finish the final leg on the Atlantic Coast Route. We will ride around 50 miles a day, 6 days a week. We will have experienced SAG support and will stay at RV campgrounds. There is no requirement to raise money to join the ride, but it would definitely be great if you believe in the cause. You could ride the entire way or join for a portion of the ride. I have never done this before, so it will be an adventure. Email

LA to NY via ROUTE 66, and BEYOND

Created: Sep 6, 2016

Beginning April 2017. Retired male, touring past 15 years, planning cross-country trip. Starting in Venice, CA, paralleling Route 66 to St Louis, local roads to Lockport, NY, Erie Canal to Albany, then HOME! Self-contained, 50/60 miles a day, motels only. This is not a race, but an adventure. All inquiries welcome. Email

SAG Driver Wanted

Created: Sep 6, 2016

SAG driver wanted for a small-group coast-to-coast bicycle tour scheduled for March and April 2017 via the Pacific Coast, Southern Tier, and Atlantic Coast Routes. We plan to start on Saturday, March 4 at the U.S./Canadian boarder at Blaine, Washinton and finish on May 2 at Key West, Florida. Please contact Rob via email: or call: 425-418-6756. Email

San Diego to East Coast in 2017

Created: Aug 8, 2016

Planning to celebrate turning 70 by riding cross country for the third time (or second and a half time — first trip was cut short). I intend to ride a recumbent possibly with an e-assist motor — depends on where I am in my recovery from open-heart surgery last year. I hope to be doing well enough to leave the motor at home — time will tell. No firm plans yet, but I do expect to leave around May 1 and average about 60 mpd. This will not be an economy trip, plan to stay mostly in motels. Email

Great American Epic, Early September 2016

Created: Aug 2, 2016

Starting in Redmond, Washington, we'll explore the Olympic Peninsula before moving south through the Redwoods, down the coast, and eventually to the desert, sand dunes, and canyons. Then we'll head to the East, heading north around the Deep South to follow the Appalachians. Multi-month trip, fully loaded. Somedays ride forever, somedays sit back and take in all that is around us. Mostly national park camping and relying on ourselves and new friends, hotel once a week or so. Already geared up, early Septemeber 2016. 40-111 miles per day, under 30 dollars per day. 24, male. Come as you are. Email

SAG Driver Available 2017

Created: Jun 13, 2016

Experienced touring cyclist looking to provide SAG support (your vehicle or camper) for individual or small group, west to east, in spring/summer 2017. Prefer Northern Tier or TransAm, but will consider SAG of Southern Tier or Route 66 if the dates are right. For a fun, care-free crossing of the USA, let's get together. Email me. Email

TransAm West to East 2017

Created: Apr 11, 2016

I'm planning my first cross-country bike trip in March of 2017. The plan is to fly to Astoria, Oregon, then ride to Richmond, Virginia. I hope to travel a minimum of 50 miles per day but would like to push it farther when possible. About me: I'm 29 years old, a musician, and new to bike touring. I currently live in San Diego, I'm a track bicycle racer, musician, and lover of craft beer. I'm looking for people who want to have a rad adventure, lots of fun, laughs, and see the country. Email

Eastern Canada

Two Weeks in Quebec 2017

Created: Nov 14, 2016

Small group looking for a few more riders to join us for a loop in Quebec next summer. Start and end in Quebec City, August 14-29. Riding west toward Montreal, then shuttling to northern end of P'Tit Train du Nord trail to ride southbound. Also riding Velopiste Jacques-Cartier trail and a paved section of Trans Canada Trail. A vehicle will carry gear and meet us for lunch on the road. Overnights in motels, B&Bs. Contact Nancy for more information. Email


Western Europe 2017

Created: Oct 3, 2016

Starting to plan on a bike trip through Western Europe, spending a good deal of time sight seeing. Tentatively thinking about 8-12 weeks next summer, seeing France, Italy, Spain, England, and Ireland. Open to additions. Planning on riding about 50 miles a day when riding, but spending days seeing all of the great cities. Primarily looking to use hotels, but camp when needed. Just did a summer trip this year from Texas to St. Augustine, Florida, and from there to New Jersey solo, and learned i would rather do trips with like-minded people. I'm a 62-year-old male looking to see the world and would welcome company and any suggestions. Email

Great Divide Mountain Bike Route

The Great Divide Summer 2017

Created: Oct 14, 2016

Look for a companion to cycle the Great Divide sometime in August 2017. I'll be flying in to Calgary and setting off from Banff, looking to cover around 60 miles a day. I'm a 22-year-old guy from the UK, by then I'll have finished my degree in Environmental Science. I'll be riding a Surly ECR Fat bike with bike bags and plan to do a fair bit of camping. Just drop me an email if you're interested. Cheers! Email

Divide 2017

Created: Sep 26, 2016

I am looking at starting from Calgary June 16/17, 2017. I will need to be in Antelope Wells by August 15/20 or sooner to get a ride or ride 600 miles back to San Diego to wash clothes before teaching school starts again. I am a 42-year-old male. I just returned from 10 yrs in Alaska. This will be my first long off-road trip. I have cycled Vancouver, CA, to Tijuana, Mexico in 2000 and then in 2002 Alaska to Yukon to Skagway and the ferry to Bellingham, WA, and then rode down the coast. Both trips were 99% camping — in campgrounds and free camping in woods. I ride with four panniers 2/2.2 tire. I am looking at 50–80 miles per day with some rest days as needed, but minimal days off. I am not totally sure on partnering up or not, but... Email

Great Divide 2017

Created: Aug 5, 2016

I want to spend 2-3 weeks with one or two others on the Great Divide Trail starting somewhere on the northern end and going south in Summer 2017. Dates flexible. We could plan together. I was thinking 40 miles/day, but it's about the journey, not the destination. Over 40yo would be best, but male or female doesn't matter. Me: 55yo male with fair amount of touring & camping experience. Email


Latin America

Created: Feb 15, 2016

I am currently in Guatemala cycling south to South America. Would like cycling companions for part or all. I cycle at a moderate rate depending on terrain and availability of campgrounds or hostels. I'm self supported and cook about half the time. The other half dedicated to sampling the local fare. Email


Circle Tour Lake Huron

Created: Dec 1, 2016

I am happily married and a 52-year-old male. The plan is to leave on June 1, 2017. I am still working out all the details. I have Circle Toured around Lake Michigan in 2014 and 2015, and Lake Superior in 2016, and now Lake Huron 2017. I have one companion, a 62-year-old retired fire fighter that circled around Lake Superior with me. He says he is on board for the next tour. If anyone else is interested in joining us, please let me know. Thanks, Keith. Email


National Parks

Created: Nov 14, 2016

Bikepacking from Kalispell, Montana, through Glacier National Park, then south to Jackson Hole, Wyoming, via Yellowstone. Late June -flexibility of dates & routes. A vacation ride pedaling 40-70 miles per day depending on terrain & other recreational activities - hiking, swimming, sightseeing. Female, 51 from northeast welcomes companion or 2 or 3. Email

Rural Cuba

Created: Nov 9, 2016

Relaxed tour of rural Cuba for two weeks in January or February. 40 to 50 miles/day. Planning to stay in Casa Particulars, taste the food and absorb the culture. I've got bike mechanic skills, but my Spanish is very poor. I'm a 62-year-old recently retired male with long-distance touring experience. No set route yet. Not planning on carrying any camping gear. I'm about to buy tickets so contact me soon if you're interested. Email

TransAm Westbound or 4 Corners 2017

Created: Jul 22, 2016

Hey everyone, my name is Mike and I'm 32 years old. I've been planning to ride the TransAm route westbound starting in May '17 but recently have been tossing around the idea of doing the 4 corners, either starting in Wilmington, NC, or Houston, TX. I plan on camping and cooking most of the time so I can save my money for exploring national parks and things of that nature. Ideally it would be great to experience the whole journey with a friend, but I have no problems going solo. I am not putting any time constraints on the trip because I want to have the freedom do anything during the trip. TransAm timeframe = approx 3 months, leaving May ’17. 4 Corners timeframe = approx 6 months, leaving mid-Feb if in Wilmington, April if TX. Email

One State at a Time

Created: Jul 6, 2016

Looking ahead next year to do a thorough 3-week loop tour of just one, or maybe 2 or 3, smaller, northern states. I'd love to pedal Maine with New Hampshire and Vermont, or Michigan, or Montana, or some other state my companions may want to visit. Planning is easier this way than a longer cross-country trip. Flexible with start time; prefer camping, warmshowers, or couchsurf hosts. I am experienced and happy with 50-75 miles per day. Looking for 2 or 3 to chat with and make plans. Email

North America

Kansas to Oregon, 2017

Created: Nov 18, 2016

Male, 22, an international student (Wichita State University, KS) from Malaysia. Looking forward to cycle from Newton, KS, to Astoria, OR, along the TransAm route. For shelter, would love to camp along the way. We can start cycling from May 21, 2017. Also, as a photographer, I'd love to take photos on the way, which may eventually slow down the trip but I am not expecting for a synchronized cycling. Love the journey, landscape, and adventure. Plan on about 50 to 80 miles a day. Lastly, it'd be great to team up with people who have experience since this is my first time. Looking forward to hearing from you! My website: Email

Crossing the north

Created: May 10, 2016

Currently in Alexandria, MN, on a trip from Michigan to Seattle. Traveling about 60 miles per day. Northern Tier to Havre, MT, then driving to Great Falls, then Lewis & Clark to WA. Would love to ride with someone for a day or two here and there. Email


Idaho Hot Springs

Created: Nov 16, 2016

Hi. Going to do the Idaho loop in April. Starts with departure in Portland, Spokane, to hot springs trail. I'm a mid-40 guy who likes to ride 60-100 miles a day. Stealth camp (hammock), warm showers, and the like. Bring toasty down goodies. Can host in Portland to start or meet along the way. Open to bus or bike back. Depends on how nice the ride there was. Come celebrate tax day going to Idaho. Email

Dog Lovers?

Created: Oct 3, 2016

Anybody out there held back from extended touring by their best four footed pal? I hate to board my dogs (yep, I have two) more than a week but would really like to do some longer touring in 2017. I live in Idaho and have a truck camper with kennels built in for a SAG wagon — we can take turns driving while all the dogs, yours and mine (and gear) ride in comfort to the camping spot or motel. I'm a 58-year-old female beginner rider. Slow with a slow recumbent, looking for a few like-minded souls to plan a journey where nobody gets left behind. Email

Glacier National Park - July 2017

Created: Aug 26, 2016

Small group looking for others to join on a tour from Missoula up to Kalispell thru Glacier National Park and the Going to the Sun Road. We will go as far north as Fernie, Canada, before heading back south to Whitefish. We will be staying in motels and lodges and will have a luggage vehicle carrying our bags and share common expenses. Starting late June 2017. Email

Pacific Coast

Pacific Coast Spring 2017

Created: Nov 21, 2016

I'm a recently retired female professional, mid fifties with quite a bit of cycling experience. I am planning on riding the Pacific Coast from Vancouver to Mexico, hopefully starting in late March and finishing by the end of April. I've done shorter self-supported touring and lots of supported touring, but never a trip this long. I am likely to go with cheap motels, B&Bs, etc. but could be convinced to camp. I'm thinking probably about 40–60 miles per day, perhaps a day off every week or as events unfold — a music festival or other interesting possibilities. Are you interested in joining me? If so, send me a note and we can start planning. Email

Pacific Coast March 2017

Created: Oct 13, 2016

I want to do the Pacific Coast North to South starting early March. The plan is Bellingham, WA, to San Diego (where I live). A goal of about 50-60 miles per day, but I'd like to really enjoy the time and stop when we want, see what we want, etc. I'm 29 years old, a musician, I love craft beer and bikes & want to have a rad adventure down the coast before possibly moving onto the TransAm in May. There is no age requirement, I ride with friends from 25-65 and I'm just looking for some cool, relaxed people who want to have some fun riding bikes and making dumb jokes. I'm still in the planning stage so nothing is set in stone, but I'd like to talk to some people that would be up for it. Ideal departure: March 2/3/4 2017. Email

Baja North to South

Created: Oct 6, 2016

My name is Adam and I'm planning a tour down the Baja peninsula. I live in Kansas City, Missouri but will be in California by November 20, for business. I'm 39, and have self-contained bicycle touring experience but only in California. I've got January and February of 2017 to bike Baja and I'd like to have company. \ I'm flexible on the departure date but would like to leave by mid-January at the latest. I have friends in Pescadero, Baja so would like to end up there for some rest and surfing before flying back at the end of February. Email

South America

Lima to Bogota

Created: Apr 12, 2016

I'm on the road in Huaraz, Peru. There are some shorter local rides I'm going to do around the National Park. After that I'm headed to Columbia by way of Quito, Ecuador. Companions wanted for any or all. Email


Florida Keys 2017

Created: Oct 24, 2016

By the end of January most of you will be dreaming of cycling in warm sunshine. If so, come join me on my 31st self-supported, self-reliant tour of the Florida Keys, from January 27 to February 3, 2017. This is NOT A COMMERCIAL tour and SAG support is not available. If interested, email me for ride expectations and itinerary. I will only have 20 riders join me. Email

Atlantic Coast tour 2017

Created: Oct 24, 2016

61-year-old planning a trip along the Atlantic Coast starting early April and ending early June. I'll be starting in Key West, Florida, and finishing in Connecticut. Plan to mostly camp with an occasional stop at a hotel. This will be a slow-paced ride with plenty of stops along the way to enjoy the sites. A companion or two would be welcome. Email


Henderson, NV & St. George, UT

Created: Nov 7, 2016

I'm a senior from Chicago and I have a personal goal of biking 20-40 miles in each state. On March 8 & 9 2017 I will be biking Henderson, NV (8th) and St George, UT(9th). Looking for someone from the area interested in joining me for a day ride on paved paths or low-traffic side streets. Enjoy riding to check out an area site 12-16mph or just a lazy day of riding. I usually ride a flat bar road bike but I will be flying into NV so still working on arranging for a bike during my two days' stay. Please email if you are available for one or both days. Judy Email

Flowers in the Hills 2017

Created: Aug 2, 2016

Come ride the Hill Country of Texas April 1, 2017, through April 10, 2017. This is a self-directed or ride as a group, weeklong cycling tour. We will be staying as a fixed based ride. The ride price includes hotel, 3 dinners, maps, and much more for the week. If interested, please email me. Email

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