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Each year, hundreds of cyclists grab their maps, plan their tours, pack their panniers or trailers, and head for the open roads and trails of America. Many of these intrepid two-wheeled travelers would like to have company for the journey. If you're looking for a touring companion for your adventure, here's the place to start. The cyclists below are all members of the Adventure Cycling Association, and they're getting ready to pack up and take off.

Please note: Adventure Cycling assumes, but cannot verify, that the persons advertising here are truthfully representing themselves. You should always take some time to meet your prospective traveling companions and discuss your tour plans before you begin your travels together.

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Around the World

I just wanna get warm (nod to Mark Heard) Fall 17

Created: Feb 14, 2017

I'm a 60 y/o male with a diverse CV seeking adventurous companions — let's see some of this ol' world while we can. I'm currently living in Pueblo, CO, and my warmshowers ID is Michael Jay Grace. In 2016 I hosted 53 cyclists and got the fever bad, so my hope is to travel warmer climes for at least next winter, roughly from late September 2017 to spring 2018... but nothing carved in stone. I'm much more interested in international but open to where and a bit on the when... what are your dreams? Are you willing and able to make them happen? If yes, let's start talking and see where we end up! TIA and safe travels. Email


Indian Himalaya again

Created: Apr 3, 2017

I organized a successful 2016 trip with Adventure Cycling. Details/references/youtube URLs on request. Hope to go back to do the harder core bits with minimal re-tracing. Summer 2018 or 2019. Let's strategize/collaborate. Roughly Leh to Kargil via Dha Hanu; Kargil to Zanskar via Pensi La; Zanskar to Lahaul via newish Shingo la "road", and maybe even exit via Sach pass. Jeep support possible for most of it; to discuss. Not super high altitude but tough and remote; big mountain experience desirable. Email

Cycling in the Himalayas

Created: Apr 3, 2017

Looking for 4-6 companions for a 2.5-3 week cycling trip in the Himalayas in Ladakh, India, btw June-October. The plan: fly to Leh, ride through Nubra Valley, the remnant of the Silk Route, and then through Tibetan Plateau and over the stunning Leh-Manali Highway. The trip ends in Manali followed by a bus ride to Delhi. I organized this trip last summer (July 2016) for a U.S. cycling group who are active members of Adventure Cyclist (ref. D. Koelle). We had a fabulous time, crossing high mountain passes (5000m), & visiting monasteries and hamlets. Accom: camping & local homestays. Support camper will ride along with full kitchen and equipment. Let me know if you are interested and able to join anytime between June-October. Email

Ride through Ladakh: A Himalayan Cycling Trip

Created: Feb 23, 2017

Looking for 2-4 companions for a 2.5-3 week cycling trip in the Himalayas in Ladakh (June-October period). The plan: fly to Leh, ride through Nubra Valley, which is the remnant of the Silk Route, and then through Tibetan Plateau and over the stunning Leh-Manali Highway. The trip ends in Manali and then a sleeper bus ride to New Delhi. I organized this trip last summer (July 2016) for a US cycling group who are active members of Adventure Cyclist (ref. D. Koelle). We had a fabulous time, crossing high mountain passes (5000m), & visiting monasteries and hamlets. Accom: camping & local homestays. Support camper will ride along with full kitchen and equipment. Let me know if you are interested and able to join anytime between June-October. Email

Asia Epic - 2017

Created: Feb 8, 2017

Looking for a few folks, men and/or women, to join me on a fascinating tour. Ride from Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, to Gilgit, Pakistan. Route not final. Start in Vietnam and travel through Cambodia, Laos, Thailand, Myanmar, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Nepal, India, and end in Pakistan. Would like to avoid China. This tour would last 4, 5, or 6 months. My goal is to take pictures and explore. I have traveled in India, Pakistan, Myanmar, and Vietnam. I am looking for experienced U.S./world travelers. Staying in modest hotels, camping. The final route would include visiting interesting places. I am 75 and have traveled extensively. Good mechanic. Cook healthy meals. If you have experience biking in these areas, I would love to hear from you. Email

Cross Country

Cross-country bike tour, spring 2018

Created: May 18, 2017

I've been blessed by God physically, mentally, spiritually, and economically. I am a follower of Jesus Christ and feel I'm being led to take what God has given me in abundance and give it to other people. I am choosing to live a life of simplicity and modesty. I'm selling or giving away most of my possessions and I'm embarking on a self-reflective, soul-searching, faith-building journey across the United States in hopes of showing Christ's love along the way. I'm fully prepared to do this alone but would enjoy the company of anyone male or female who has a relationship with Jesus Christ and has a desire to live a life of simplicity and humble service to others while continuing to grow your faith. Contact me for more details. Email

TransAm Trail - Astoria to Yorktown

Created: May 15, 2017

My name is Paul and in a few short weeks I plan to ride the TransAm Trail from west to east. On June 4, I ride out of Astoria and will arrive in Yorktown between mid to late August. I plan to ride 60ish miles per day. I will camp most of the way with an occasional night in a motel. I want to take my time, stop often, and enjoy the journey. I have a lot of camping experience and am an avid cyclist. If you would like to join me for some or all of the ride, let me know. Email

TransAm Virginia–California June 2017

Created: May 12, 2017

I am graduating from college this May and planning on riding from Yorktown, VA, to Monterey, CA. Looking for a companion to join me for the entire journey or the first section of the route. Planning on leaving no later than June 11 from Yorktown, VA. Email

TransAmerica - SF to Bar Harbor, early August 2017

Created: May 8, 2017

We are looking for 2 or 3 people to join us in a trip from San Francisco to Bar Harbor starting early August 2017. We are going to self-support using a pickup truck with shared driving so we won't have to carry too much stuff. We are both pretty strong riders and plan on 75 miles per day. We are going to take days off for weather and when we need to take a break. This is a sight-seeing tour as much as a ride that we have wanted to do for decades. For more details, write me and give me what part of the country you live so we can hopefully meet up and ride some before the trip of a lifetime. Email

Oregon to Virginia, June to September 2017

Created: May 8, 2017

Michael from Seattle, looking to start the trek across America with any willing participants. Retired and healthy and hoping for the journey of a lifetime. I expect to take three months for the journey and to rest along the way, not gonna follow a schedule, only the route. TransAmerica on a bicycle has been a dream of mine since middle school; here I go!! Cheers, Mike Email

TransAmerica Summer 2017

Created: May 4, 2017

I'm an 18-year-old female and I'm taking a gap year this coming year. Looking to start bike ride in mid-July and bike around 60 miles/day. I am comfortable going alone, but my parents would like me to have at least one other person along. Accommodations: warmshowers, camping, churches, occasional hotel/B&B. I have some camping experience, but minimal touring experience. Shoot me an email if interested! Email

Cross Country, West to East

Created: Apr 24, 2017

61-year-old male trying to arrange Northern Tier Route, west to east. Have partners who will ride with me from Wisconsin to Atlantic, but looking for anyone interested in riding from Pacific to Wisconsin or any subset of it. Looking to leave Anacortes mid to late August. Self-contained, mix of camping with some hotels. Email

TransAm Tour

Created: Apr 11, 2017

My name is Jeff...will retire by December...looking for companion/s to go with in May of 2018 West to East. I snore so will park my tent far enough away! ???? Email

Around USA (Atlantic, Southern, Pacific, TransAm)

Created: Apr 7, 2017

I am a 30-yr-old female starting a 5-month bike touring trip around the U.S. I started April 1, but would be happy for anyone to join for parts (or all of it) along the way. I am doing about 60-70 miles a day, camping and warm showers along the way. If anyone is along some of the routes listed above and wants to ride for a little let me know so we can meet up! Email

Madison, WI to Ft Lauderdale, FL

Created: Mar 30, 2017

This 1,800+ mile ride is to honor my beautiful 20yo daughter who passed on 1/12/2017 while on vacation in Cancun on her winter break. Abigail Mae was a junior at UW Whitewater, WI, and was just hitting her stride. My ride is to raise awareness and raise funds for Organ Donation Services since she helped four other males live due to being an organ donor. Abigail Mae also donated her eyes and tissues and helped many more people live a better life. My ride is ending at the hospital in Ft Lauderdale that took care of Abigail Mae and, of course, I would love some company along the way. I will be using the Great Rivers South Route out of Muscatine, Iowa. Ride safe, Bill. Email

First section of TransAm in June

Created: Mar 21, 2017

Planning on doing unsupported TransAm east to west, but don't have the ~90 days to do it all! So I am hoping to complete it in stages over a ~6 year period, each year doing ~700 miles, or two (2) of the Adventure Cycling Organization's trip maps!! So for 2017, using Maps 12 & 13, I am looking at starting in Yorktown, VA, and finishing in Berea, KY, for ~743 miles. I did a ~4,200 mile bike trip in 1984 to get from VA to the '84 Olympics and more recently in 2016 cycled from Chicago to Seattle (mostly on Northern Tier) with my wife as SAG driver. I am a 62-year old, male, retired aquatic biologist. Thinking about leaving ~8 June & cycling between 60-70 miles/day. Camping & Hot Showers preferable, but flexible on most fronts. Cheers! Email

TransAm West to East

Created: Mar 15, 2017

69-year-old male planning to depart from Astoria around 7-10 June. Expect to work up to 50-60 mile days, mostly camping, motels only when necessary. Did Pacific Coast last summer and Thailand and southern Laos in January. Companions welcome. Email

Norther Tier

Created: Feb 24, 2017

57-year-old female, cycling the Northern Tier west to east, leaving on or by June 1, 2017. Will be utilizing low-budget motels, churches, warm showers. Average 60–80 miles/day. I welcome any like-minded cycling companions. Email

Coast to coast

Created: Feb 16, 2017

I'm a 56-year-old male cyclist living in Ireland, with little touring experience. Thinking of doing Washington state to New York (Long Island) in 2018. Would hope to do 50–65 miles per day. Will be camping mostly! Rest day here and there. Starting or finishing point not written in stone! Would love to join a few other on a coast-to-coast trip in May 2018. Drop me an email, let me know your plan. Email

Trans Am West to East

Created: Jan 3, 2017

Riding the TransAmerica route from Astoria to Norfolk in 2017. Experienced tourer, 59 young male. Want to travel light, motels for lodging, of course see the sites along the way but don't want to be tied down with 60 lbs of gear. Not firm on departure yet but between May and August. Turning 60 in July, love experiencing America on a bike. Have done the Northern Tier in 2012 and a must experience, those of you thinking of a transcontinental ride, do it now, don't wait, this is a beautiful country with beautiful people and the best way is slow on a bike. Please let me know if you'd like to join, last time was solo but company is very welcome, male or female. Happy New year everyone, shoot me an email if you want. Email

Tour de SRAM USA 2017

Created: Dec 15, 2016

I'm planning to ride ~3500 miles across the U.S. in one month starting next May from San Luis Obispo, CA, as a fundraiser for World Bicycle Relief (WBR). I proudly work for SRAM and have named this Tour de SRAM USA 2017 as I will visit most of SRAM's major US sites. Details are at Overnight accommodations are still being worked out — I have possible SAG drivers but not a vehicle. Camping isn't feasible with ~125 miles per day, and I'm committed that 100% of donations go to WBR. I'm looking for people to join me (with a suggested WBR donation of $1/mile) and any assistance with publicity or route tips is greatly appreciated. I can be contacted via the Facebook page or at Email

Sierra Cascades (?) Summer 2017 or something else!

Created: Dec 1, 2016

Looking for a companion to join me for a truly intense, beautiful, and fun ride. I like the idea of the Sierra Cascades but something through Arizona, Utah, and/or Colorado would be similarly enjoyable. 85–100+ miles a day — I went cross country last summer at a similar pace and enjoyed it. Happy to start anytime after June 1. If you're interested or have any other route ideas, don't hesitate to reach out! Email

2017 West to East and then North

Created: Sep 29, 2016

Male, aged 69, leaving Astoria around June 1 bound for York Beach, Maine, via the TransAm, Underground Railroad Route, and finally the Northern Tier. Riding 50+ miles per day and sleeping wherever, including the occasional motel. Not planning on cooking. I'm totally prepared to do this solo, but some company along the way might be nice. Drop me a line if you're interested. Email

The Restore Honor Ride — CA to DC 2017

Created: Sep 26, 2016

This ride is to recognize and honor all the LGBT veterans who served our country and to raise awareness that they can now upgrade their discharges, get the benefits that they've been denied, and re-enlist if they are still eligible. We will start in April 2017 in Santa Monica on the Route 66 trail, transition to the TransAmerica Trail, and finish the final leg on the Atlantic Coast Route. We will ride around 50 miles a day, 6 days a week. We will have experienced SAG support and will stay at RV campgrounds. There is no requirement to raise money to join the ride, but it would definitely be great if you believe in the cause. You could ride the entire way or join for a portion of the ride. I have never done this before, so it will be an adventure. Email

Eastern Canada

Michigan to PEI then to Key West

Created: Apr 18, 2017

62 male leaving Michigan July 15 heading to Toronto up the Route Verte to Prince Edward Island. Then down East Coast to Key West. Biked OR to MI in 2014. Mainly warmshowers and Couchsurfing. 60–90 miles/day, extra days in some cities. Please contact if interested in some parts of ride. Going to be a blast, lots to do, lot to see, plenty of beer to drink, and new friends to make! Planning on riding the greenway down the coast whenever possible. Happy riding my friends. Joe Email


France, Northwest Corner

Created: Apr 13, 2017

My spouse and I (both mid 60's) are doing a 5-week loop. Paris to Loire Valley, through Brittany, then Normandy, and back to Paris. Some train segments and cycling days of 30-40 miles with several off days; tourist pace as there's lots to see. Two-star hotels nightly. Welcome single or couples. June 22 thru July 26. Email

Western Europe 2017

Created: Oct 3, 2016

Starting to plan on a bike trip through Western Europe, spending a good deal of time sight seeing. Tentatively thinking about 8-12 weeks next summer, seeing France, Italy, Spain, England, and Ireland. Open to additions. Planning on riding about 50 miles a day when riding, but spending days seeing all of the great cities. Primarily looking to use hotels, but camp when needed. Just did a summer trip this year from Texas to St. Augustine, Florida, and from there to New Jersey solo, and learned i would rather do trips with like-minded people. I'm a 62-year-old male looking to see the world and would welcome company and any suggestions. Email

Great Divide Mountain Bike Route

GDMBR: Banff heading south June/July 2018

Created: May 4, 2017

Hey, I'm David, a 40-year-old from the UK and I am planning to cycle the GDMBR from Banff in Canada at around end of June/early July in 2018. I will be taking it at a somewhat leisurely pace to ensure I get to experience the surroundings, perhaps 50/60 miles per day. I might even be pushing the bike up steeper hills. I will be taking a tent so will be looking to do some wild camping, log cabins, and the odd motel here and there. As I have family in San Diego, I will be looking to branch off at some point at the southern end to go there. It would be great if one or more people were interested in joining me in the experience and tagging along for some or all of it. Feel free to message me if you would be interested. Regards David Email

GDMBR Canada to Mexico 2018

Created: Apr 18, 2017

Youthful 50s M/F couple from MI will start from Canadian border in July. Self-supported and equipped to camp but will use hostels or hotels when available. Usually 50-mile days and willing to take down days whenever we really like some place or the weather is severe. We're very fit people but our agenda is to enjoy the journey, not set pace records. We would like to connect with others who may be able to make part or all of this journey with us. Email

Great Divide 2017

Created: Mar 10, 2017

I started the Divide in Banff end of Aug 2016 and was stopped by wildfires near Flag Ranch. Planning on finishing to Antelope Springs in August 2017. I am a 58-year-old male, will travel 50-80 miles/day and camp/hotel/B&B. Looking to start near Flag Ranch and finish in 30 days. Email

Great Divide Ride

Created: Feb 23, 2017

I rode 9 days on the Great divide Route last Aug but had to get off at Helena, MT. So this year I am riding out of Missoula, MT, in late July and joining route in Butte, MT, and headed south to Wyoming and beyond. Anyone who wants to join me in Missoula or if you're heading down the route perhaps we can ride for a bit. Drop an email. Peace, Steve Reynolds Email

Great Divide Ride 2017

Created: Feb 13, 2017

Starting Great Divide ride from Banff on August 1. 64-year-old male in good shape with fairly good mechanical skills, lots of backpacking/riding experience & some touring experience. Targeting 50 miles a day +/- but not a killer pace. Packing to camp but also the occasional motel/hostel/etc. From Salt Lake City & wife will occasionally sag. Email

GDMBR North to South July 2017

Created: Jan 23, 2017

I am a 43-year old female looking for fun, kind, and easy-going companion(s) to bicycle the Great Divide with. I am an experienced cyclist/backpacker and bicycled across the U.S. when I was 23. I like to travel in a relaxed and peaceful way but also like to push myself when necessary. I average about 10 mph with panniers on highways (not sure on gravel/dirt). I enjoy camping, staying with hosts, and hostels/hotels/motels. I am planning on leaving Portland in July to travel to Banff via a combination of bike and train. I expect to start biking from Banff in mid-July and end in Antelope Wells in mid-September. Feel free to email me at if you're interested in joining me and/or forming a small group. Thanks, Angela. Email

Great Divide North to South August 2017

Created: Jan 12, 2017

I will be leaving Banff around Aug 21 and hope to finish in about 32 days. I am a 41-year-old firefighter from Wisconsin that has a strong mountain bike background with part-time bike mechanic skills and basic medical experience. I plan to do a mixture of camping and hotels. I am looking for partners for part or all of the trip! Email

The Great Divide Summer 2017

Created: Oct 14, 2016

Look for a companion to cycle the Great Divide sometime in August 2017. I'll be flying in to Calgary and setting off from Banff, looking to cover around 60 miles a day. I'm a 22-year-old guy from the UK, by then I'll have finished my degree in Environmental Science. I'll be riding a Surly ECR Fat bike with bike bags and plan to do a fair bit of camping. Just drop me an email if you're interested. Cheers! Email


Europe to Asia 2017

Created: Feb 27, 2017

I'm biking from Europe to Asia starting in early-mid September, heading out from Estonia and making my way east towards China. Itinerary-ish (I'm very flexible): Estonia in Sept, Baltics in Dec, (Greece to hide out the winter), Turkey in Feb-March, ideally want to start the Stans in April-May to enjoy the mountainous regions, and China in June. SEA: Ideally when it starts getting colder. I am a 25-year-old male, who has a pretty good amount of backcountry and bicycle touring experience. I plan on wild camping as much as possible while throwing in the towel for a hotel/hostel once in a while. To avoid the winter I'm totally game to hunker down and volunteer somewhere! Not afraid to go off the map, try local foods, take the harder way for some epic views! Email


Circle Tour around Lake Michigan

Created: Feb 10, 2017

My name's Donna. I'm a 27-year-old female from Chicago. Starting to plan my trip for this July. Looking for a buddy or two (or ten!) to join me on my adventure around Lake Michigan. Giving myself a solid month to go and have fun with it. I did one tour last summer, so I have a tiny bit of experience under my belt. I would be leaving from Chicago as close to July 1 as possible! Feel free to email me if you'd like to chat about it or have any suggestions! Email


Home to North Dakota

Created: Feb 17, 2017

I would like to see if there is anyone out there that would like to ride with me to Rogers Pass or farther. I'm taking the high line over to the Peace Gardens in North Dakota on the Canadian border. I will be camping most of the way. I would like to leave around the end of June. Email

East Coast Ride

Created: Dec 28, 2016

Portland, Maine, to Key West, Florida, Sept. 15, 2017, heading down the East Coast. Male, 60, organizing ride, 60–80 miles a day, fully supported, want to stay free inside at churches, volunteer fire dept., community centers, etc. taking 1 day off per week. Please see my website for details and contact. Email

North America

Minnesota North (Minneapolis to Brainerd)

Created: May 3, 2017

Hello! My cousin and I (pre-grad school weekend adventurers) are biking from Minneapolis to Brainerd, MN, on June 16 and 17, 2017. 70-80 mi/day. Overnight around St. Cloud, MN. Currently investigating routes, and open to suggestions (looking at following the Mississippi River via East River Road). Looking forward to connecting with potential travel buddies. All are welcome. Shall be fun :) Email

TransAm to Lewis and Clark to Northern Tier trail

Created: Mar 30, 2017

Central Oregon to Upstate NY. Leaving on June 30, 2017. 100–125 miles per day. TransAm Trail to Lewis and Clark Trail to Northern Tier. Ending near Buffalo, NY. Campgrounds mainly with periodic hotel stops. End date: on or before July 26. Email

Atlanta to Santa Monica via RT 66, 2018

Created: Mar 13, 2017

Female, 61 y/o looking to make long-distance tour next year starting near Atlanta, Georgia, on the Silver Comet Trail, off at Piedmont, Alabama, Hwy 278 west to Fulton, Mississippi, then north to Springfield, Missouri, to pick up RT 66 west. Not doing a race here, slow rider with fully equipped Trek 520, tent & geared up. Looking to hit hotels, but I want to be equipped just in case we don't make it to the next town. Any age/gender preferred, retired individual or someone without time constraints. I've got the gear, enough credit for hotels to pull it off if you don't and the time. Flexible on departure schedule sometime next year. Upon arrival at the West Coast, plans are to ship the bike back home and fly back to Atlanta. You will be responsible for your own gear. Email

Warrior Expeditions - TAT

Created: Dec 27, 2016

Looking for combat veterans to take on the off-road Trans-America Trail (TAT) during the summer of 2018. We'll start in mid-May to complete by the end of August. Email

Crossing the north

Created: May 10, 2016

Currently in Alexandria, MN, on a trip from Michigan to Seattle. Traveling about 60 miles per day. Northern Tier to Havre, MT, then driving to Great Falls, then Lewis & Clark to WA. Would love to ride with someone for a day or two here and there. Email


Great Allegheny Passage and C&O Canal Tow Path

Created: May 9, 2017

Starting Aug 1 and need to finish by Aug 5. Planning on camping for most nights. First touring adventure. Just planning on going with the flow. Hoping to ride 60-80 miles daily. Email

N. England-Great Lakes loop via Trans-Canada Trail

Created: Apr 10, 2017

Hi folks- my name is Ethan and I'm 24, male, and planning a two-month trip this summer (mid-June through mid-August) before I start grad school. My planned route is a loop starting/ending in New England and following parts of the following routes: the newly-completed Trans-Canada Bike Trail; USBR 7 (VT); ACA routes: North Lakes, Northern Tier, Chicago to NYC; additional sections TBD. I will be doing 60-70 miles/day, camping out and finding homestays, doing some cooking, having a transformative experience! I'm looking for a companion for some or all of the trip. Let me know if we might cross paths! Cheers. Email

Trike Riders Wanted

Created: Mar 27, 2017

We are 3 trike riders who have planned an extensive tour in the Northeast and Canada and are looking for more trike riders/tourers to join us. This is a slow-paced ride where the goal is to enjoy the day not see how fast we can get to the end. Plan on +/- 50 miles a day, mostly camping but hotels when it feels right. Mostly cooking but restaurants when it feels right. Must be self-sufficient, no sag, but we will help each other. About 3,000 miles over 60+ days starting around June 20 in Albany, NY. Some highlights are ACA Adirondacks, Route Verde, Gaspe Peninsula, PEI. Cape Breton, Acadia Park, ACA Atlantic to ACA Northern Tier, Green Mountain and Erie Canal trail ending in Niagara Falls. Hope you can join us, contact me for details. Email

NY to Niagara Falls and the Virginia creeper trail

Created: Mar 24, 2017

Hi there! I'm Heather, a 23-yr-old biker. This will be the first long-distance bike ride I've ever gone on. I would really like to bike from Brooklyn, NY, to Niagara Falls. That will be a 1 day and 19 hr ride. I'll take this trip before I head out to the Virginia creeper trail. I'm just waiting on the weather to get warmer. I don't mind going alone, but I think it would be fun to go with a biking buddy! It will be a blast. If you're not familiar with the Virginia creeper trail, google it. We will see horses and a waterfall. Looks really beautiful. Have a good one! Hope to hear from you soon?????? Email


Idaho Hot Springs 2017

Created: Apr 10, 2017

Looking for ride partner for Idaho Hot Springs bikepack trip. Leaving about 7/1/2017. 61 y/o guy, experienced, about 40ish mi./day but can vary widely -- terrain/weather dependent. Email

WABDR Twisp to Cle Elum, WA May 25-29 2017

Created: Mar 30, 2017

I'm bikepacking the Washington Backcountry Discovery Route from Twisp to Cle Elum, WA, over a long Memorial weekend. I did a portion of this route from Nighthawk to Twisp last year and it was fantastic. This 200-mile section passes through some remote country but hits a few towns (Chelan, Wenatchee). The route itself is an existing ORV route, but those riders are usually not on the route this early in the year because of patchy snow. My plan is to rent a U-Haul one way to Twisp, drop it off, and then ride south on Highway 20 for a few miles to pick up the route and head south on the WABDR. Planning on tent camping, 40-60 miles per day. Lots of climbing, so keep your rig light. Email if interested. Email

Lewis and Clark Trail

Created: Mar 15, 2017

Hello: just retired last year, looking for a companion to ride the Lewis and Clark Trail. The starting point is Missoula Montana, heading west from there. I have experience in bike touring, I've cycled the Oregon Coast. Looking to travel between 40 and 60 miles a day, camping most nights, but staying in a motel every couple of days, just to shower and wash clothes. Plan to start early July, and finishing in about 21 days. All inquiries are welcome. Email

Summer tour of the Idaho Hot Springs MTB loop

Created: Feb 7, 2017

Looking for some fun souls to join a two-week tour (give or take) tour of the Hot Springs Loop. I haven't calculated the miles yet, but I'm looking to ride at a fun but competitive pace (say 7-8 hours a day of cycling) with some singletrack options. Leave from Boise, unless someone has a car that can drive us to the trailhead. I'm 49, in great shape, with plenty of camping and cycling experience in U.S. and abroad, including riding the Colorado Trail. Looking for folks of all ages and interests who are good, friendly company. Fairly open all summer, but ideal time would be mid-July to mid-August. September also a possibility. Email

Glacier National Park - July 2017

Created: Aug 26, 2016

Small group looking for others to join on a tour from Missoula up to Kalispell thru Glacier National Park and the Going to the Sun Road. We will go as far north as Fernie, Canada, before heading back south to Whitefish. We will be staying in motels and lodges and will have a luggage vehicle carrying our bags and share common expenses. Starting late June 2017. Email

Pacific Coast

Vancouver to San Francisco — June/July 2017

Created: Mar 6, 2017

I'm planning to bike from Vancouver to San Francisco beginning in late June and would love to ride with a few people. I'd like to ride between 60–80 miles a day with a few days off to see Olympia NP and other sites along the way. It would be great to camp and use Warm Showers, but am open to an occasional hotel. I'm a 33-year-old woman and I teach fifth grade in Massachusetts. I'm looking forward to a summer adventure, let me know if you're interested! Email

Wanted: Riding Companions West Coast

Created: Jan 9, 2017

They say the third time's a charm — we'll see. Retired male 65-year-old looking for company for self-contained touring in the West this year. Would like to do some touring in Washington, Idaho, Oregon, California. Both road and Rail Trails. Lots of experience in backpacking, camping, and cycling. Want to combine them all into bike touring the country. I've done a few bike overnight trips the last two years on my own and would now like to do longer trips (weeks/months) and would like some company. Don't have lots of money, camping most nights, motel at times. Thinking about 60 miles/day. No cast-in-stone routes or distance, adjust as necessary for fun and enjoyment. Email

Sierra Cascades

Counter Clockwise from Denver 2017

Created: May 15, 2017

Hi everyone! My name is Mike, I'm a 33-year-old male looking for some riding buddies. I'll be leaving Denver, CO, around mid-June 2017 and heading in a counter-clockwise direction along the TransAmerica, Great Parks North, Northern Tier, Sierra Cascades, Route 66, Grand Canyon Connector, and Great Parks South routes all the way back to Denver. Camping mostly. Would love some company! If you're along any of those routes or want to meet and ride along for any duration, please send me an email! Hope to hear from you! Email

South America


Created: Apr 13, 2017

Bogota to Medellin thru the coffee growing region of Colombia. I'm a 57-year-old female with lots of International cycling experience and fair Spanish. Plenty of climbing at altitude. August 10–Sept 1, 2017. No camping necessary. Three weeks should be plenty of time to acclimate and get to Medellin and beyond. Maybe hike to the "Lost City?" Email

State to State

San Antonio, TX, to Jackson, WY

Created: May 26, 2017

Seeking companion(s) for early September departure. Aiming for 100 miles/day. Email

NYC to St. Louis in June

Created: May 10, 2017

Hey! I'm a 28-year-old guy who's traveling from my home in Brooklyn, New York, to my fiancee's hometown of St. Louis, Missouri. I'm heading out from the Atlantic Coast NY spur in June and heading down to meet the TransAm. I'll then take that to the Great Rivers South where I'll head into St. Louis. My goal is to do 60-70 miles a day using campsites and warm showers. Who's in?! Email

Companion for short trips in TX, OK, AR, MS

Created: Mar 28, 2017

59 yo Christian male who lives with Short Bowel Syndrome, ready to ride again, seeking companion for short 2–4 day trips to get conditioned for longer trips. Interested in surrounding states to start with. Lets get together and enjoy what God made. Email

Western Canada

Seattle to Anchorage!

Created: Feb 21, 2017

Howdy! My name is Audrey Snyder and I'm a 22-year-old female who has bike toured for over 10 years now. I've biked across the country as well as completed the Pacific Coast from Seattle to LA. I'm looking for preferably a female cyclist (sorry guys!) to bike 3–4 weeks up to Anchorage, AK. I've led 6 bike tours in the past, so I know how to have fun as well as be efficient. I'm hoping to stay along the coast for as much as we can and hoping to not be alone! If you're interested, please email me at We will primarily camp or stay with WarmShowers. I'm hoping on the off days to do some fishing or bag some peaks along the way. I will be starting around June 1. Email

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