Ad Submission Guidelines

Ad Dimensions

Trim Size of Magazine is 8.375" wide x 10.875" high. Bleeds should be 0.125" where appropriate. No additional charge for bleeds.

Ad Size

Width x Height (inches)

Spread Bleed

17" w x 11.125" h

Full Page Bleed

8.625" w x 11.125" h

Full Page

7.375" w x 9.925" h

Back Cover Bleed

8.5" w x 7.625" h

Back Cover

8.35" w x 7.61" h

2/3 Page Vertical

4.75" w x 9.925" h

1/2 Page Horizontal

7.375" w x 4.85" h

1/3 Page Square

4.75" w x 4.85" h

1/3 Page Vertical

2.35" w x 9.925" h

1/4 Page Horizontal

7.375" w x 2.375" h

5 Inch Display Ad

2.25" w x 5" h

3 Inch Display Ad

2.25" w x 3" h

2 Inch Display Ad

2.25" w x 2" h

1 Inch Display Ad

2.25" w x 1" h


Image: Adventure Cyclist Ad Sizes

Submission Guidelines File Types

We only accept advertising material in PDF format. The PDF file should be press-optimized and CMYK. Convert all spot colors to CMYK. Please include your company name within the name of your PDF file.

Sending Files

To send files to Rick Bruner or Adventure Cyclist's editorial team, please use the following file upload service:

Once the file is uploaded, you will receive a confirmation email that the file is ready for download by the Adventure Cyclist team.

A laser print is requested for proofing against the digital file. This print should be faxed to Mike Deme at (406) 721-8754.

Closing Dates


Space Deadline

Materials Due



09/26/14 10/17/14 11/28/14


11/21/14 12/19/14 01/30/15


12/19/14 01/17/15 02/27/15


01/23/15 02/20/15 03/27/15


02/20/15 03/20/15 04/30/15


03/20/15 04/17/15 05/29/15


04/17/15 05/15/15 06/30/15


05/22/15 06/19/15 07/31/15


07/17/15 08/21/15 09/30/15


09/18/15 10/16/15 11/30/15



Terms & Conditions Contracts

A signed contract is required for placement of ads in Adventure Cyclist. New advertisers are required to pre-pay.

Agency Discounts

15% discounts to recognized advertising agencies that provide production-ready advertising material. Discounts do not apply for classified ads.

Frequency Discounts

Frequency rates are based on the number of insertions during the calendar year. Advertisers billed at the frequency rate who fail to fulfill the contract will be charged the rate earned.


Invoices are rendered upon publication (the first of the month). Payment terms are net 30 days. Finance charges of 1.5% per month will be applied to invoices outstanding beyond 30 days. Prepayment is required for all new advertisers, all non-U.S. advertisers, and all Classified and Marketplace advertisers.


Advertising cancellations will not be accepted after the published closing date for the issue booked. Cancellation requests must be made in writing.


The publisher reserves the right to refuse any advertisement deemed unacceptable for the magazine.

Contact Information

Contact Rick Bruner for details on how to save more on your marketing dollars with our all-comprehensive package that will include:

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  • Web Advertising
  • Sample Issue
  • Special Promotions
  • Corporate Membership

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Phone: (509) 493-4930