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As North America’s only magazine dedicated to bicycle travel, Adventure Cyclist is committed to bringing readers dispatches from the farthest corners of the map and hidden gems in their own backyards. For more than 40 years we’ve published inspiring stories, breathtaking images, insightful technical coverage, and commentary that captures the joys and challenges along the way. That tradition continues today with a focus on long-form features and a reading experience not so unlike a bicycle journey — unique, full of the unexpected, and with room to let a story unfold at the pace of a pedal stroke.

Join today and get a subscription to Adventure Cyclist to feed your passion for bicycle travel year-round — perhaps your journey could even make it into our pages! Here’s what you can expect when you open each issue:

A great trip report is more than a list of places visited, meals eaten, and people met. It’s a narrative exploring the exhilaration of arrival, the melancholy of a lonely camp, the taste of cold water on a hot day, and so much more. Our correspondents capture the grandeur — and the granular — from their journeys in images and stories that will inspire you to take your next big adventure whether it’s around the world or around town.

We don’t want to be just another “10 BEST” cover on the newsstand or a glorified advertisement for the latest big-brand release. But bike travel doesn’t happen without a bike, and our technical staff are among the biggest gear nerds out there — our idea of fun is millimeter-specific measurements, gear inch charts, and long debates about drivetrain compatibility! From the Touring Bike Buyer’s Guide to in-depth Road Tests in each issue, plus tradeshow, gear, and guides, Adventure Cyclist is a valuable resource whether you’re shopping for a new bike, maintaining your current one, or just keeping your finger on the pulse of the industry trends.

There’s just something about traveling by bike that’s hard to pin down when you’re out on the road, but you know it when you feel it. Whether it’s regular contributor Willie Weir’s unique ability to pin down that undefinable “it” in his “Travels with Willie” column or a Final Mile essay from someone who’s recounted a magic moment of their own, we deliver unique pieces that define the essence of bike travel.

You know something has captured readers’ imaginations when you hear again and again that they open to the back page of the magazine first. That something is Open Road Gallery, a peek into the 5,000-image–strong National Bicycle Touring Portrait Collection, a record of traveling cyclists dating back to 1982 — though Adventure Cycling cofounder and principal photographer Greg Siple has retired, the collection continues to grow and the striking black-and-white portraits and short vignettes about their subjects never fail to captivate.

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