Touring Bike Buyer's Guide

Adventure Cyclist began publishing practical advice for buying a touring bike in 1996. The articles have covered all kinds of bikes that can be used for bicycle travel — true touring bikes, mountain bikes, tandems, recumbents, cross bikes, etc. They have also included lists of manufacturers that make these bikes and their contact information. Despite the amount of time that has passed since many of these articles were published, we think they still contain a lot of useful information and advice. We hope you find them useful.

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What kind of bicycle should you buy?

2012 Touring Bike Buyer's Guide (PDF/1.3 MB): What to look for when shopping for your next (or first) touring bike, by John Wider.

Finding Your Way to the Perfect Touring Bike (2011 Guide, PDF/1.7 MB): Adventure Cycling's 2011 Touring Bike Buyer's Guide segment, by Stephen Lord.

What to Look for in a Touring Bike (2010 Guide, PDF/320k): Our annual examination of the sturdy metal steed reveals what you need to know, by John Schubert.

Q&A with the Technical Editor (2009 Guide, PDF/924k): Conversations between our technical editor and Adventure Cyclist readers sheds light on buying a touring bike, by John Schubert.

Buying a Touring Bike in 2008 (PDF/ 656k): Whatever your price range there's a touring bike for you, by John Schubert.

What Kind of Bike Should You Buy? (2007 Guide, PDF/1.6M) By John Schubert

A History of Touring Bicycles (Includes 2006 Guide, PDF/576k) By Jan Heine

How to Buy a Touring Bike (2005 Guide, PDF/1.2M): Picking the perfect touring bike shouldn't keep you up at night, by John Schubert.

Touring Bike Buyer's Guide (2004 Guide, PDF/2.3M) By Mike Deme

How to Buy a Touring Bike (2003 Guide, PDF/3.7M): There's a design there just for you. Here's how to find it, by John Schubert.

2002 Touring Bike Buyer's Guide (PDF/648k): Narrow your choices, make your pick, by Fred Matheny.

How to Buy a Recumbent Bike for Touring (2002 Guide, PDF/712k): You want choices? Boy, do we have choices! By John Schubert

What Works: The 2001 Touring Bike Buyer's Guide (PDF/316k) By John Schubert

2000 Touring Bike Buyer's Guide (PDF/216k) By John Schubert

1999 Touring Bike Buyer's Guide (PDF/9.5M) By Sheldon Brown

1998 Touring Bike Buyer's Guide (PDF/628k) By Fred Meredith

Pay Now or Pay Later (1997 Guide, PDF/5.2M): If you're going to tour, you really should get a touring bike, by Joe Glickman

The Touring Bike Lives (1996 Guide, PDF, 364k) By John Schubert

Photo by Russ Roca