TwoFish Quick Cage

November 15, 2013

Apparently I'm a big fan of bottle cages that can accept quantities of water ranging from large to obscenely large. The Salsa Anything cage proved handy for hauling 2-liter bottles of grape-flavored Fanta around Mexico, in addition to stuff sacks along the Great Divide route. For more local excursions, the Growler cage has been a lot of fun for beer runs and weekend overnight trips. 

Recently I've been playing around with the Quick Cage from Twofish. This bottle cage is available in a standard size for your basic 24-ounce water bottle, a mid-range 40oz size that will handle Nalgene bottles and 40-ounce Kleen Kanteen bottles, and a 64-ounce model that will take care of 64-ounce reusable stainless steel bottles. Since I've got a lot of Nalgene bottles hanging around, I went after the 40oz version of this cage.

Aside from accommodating larger bottles, the reason you should be interested in the Quick Cage is that you don't need any eyelets to attach this to your bike. Using two wide velcro straps and some grippy rubber padding, the Quick Cage can be mounted just about anywhere on your bike frame or fork without using any tools. The underside of the downtube is my favorite place to mount this since the straps can be woven underneath the top side's bottle cage for extra security.

The 40-ounce Quick Cage runs around $32, which seems like a lot for a cage, but it's a lot cheaper than having some eyelets welded to your frame, and it's more refined than jerry-rigging a standard cage to your bike with hose clamps.

Our Cyclosource store currently carries the TwoFish Quick Cage Adaptor for using the cage of your choice

Photo by Josh Tack

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Sascha June 3, 2014, 12:28 AM

I've heard that these can be unstable and move around, how have you found it longterm?

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