Inspire a Stranger & Empower a Friend During Bike Travel Weekend

April 4, 2018

Thousands of people throughout the world of all ages and levels of cycling experience will go on a bike overnight during Bike Travel Weekend, June 1–3. It’s you — the bicycle adventurer and traveler — who will make Bike Travel Weekend a success. Hundreds of trips with thousands of participants are signed up to participate, and that number will keep growing if you help spread the bike travel love

How can you be part of the Bike Travel Weekend fun? First, register your trip at Registration is free, and you’ll inspire thousands of people throughout the world by adding your trip to the interactive map.

Once you register and plan your trip, you can inspire others to go on a bike overnight. Here’s how:

1. Take a selfie. Take a photo of yourself during your trip and post it on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram and tag it with #biketravelweekend. If you don’t use social media, we’d really appreciate you sharing your photo with us through this online submission form. We might use your photo on Adventure Cycling’s social media channels or include it in the post-event report and other media in the future.

Take a selfie and share it. Tag it with #biketravelweekend

2. Get your group to pose for a photo. Everyone from eight to 80 can be part of the fun of Bike Travel Weekend. Get your group — whether it’s just family and friends, a bike club, or meetup group — to pose. Share your photos with us via the online submission form and post them on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Be sure to tag your photos with #biketravelweekend and include so others know how to sign up.

Show us your diverse group of bike travelers.

3. Record a short video. Use your smart phone to record a short video of a friend riding, setting up camp, checking into your hotel, hostel, or B&B, making coffee, packing your bike, sitting by the campfire, or stopping for ice cream. Share your video on social media with #biketravelweekend and share it with Adventure Cycling through the submission form. We want to see your short and enjoyable moments and may even include them on social media or in a short film about Bike Travel Weekend in the future.

Making dinner at camp with friends is part of the experience and fun. Record your moments and share them with Adventure Cycling and others.

Most importantly, be safe when you take photos and videos. We want to see your awesome moments, but please don’t record them while you are riding.

Enjoy your Bike Travel Weekend trip! We can’t wait to see your photos and videos.

Photo 1 The Path Less Pedaled | Photo 2 courtesy of Kane Hudson | Photo 3 courtesy of Keli Manley | Photo 4 by Saara Snow


Bike Travel Weekend Join thousands of other cyclists across North America and the world for Bike Travel Weekend and go on a one- or two-night bike overnight on the same weekend, June 1–3, 2018. Ride with your family or friends and stay at your favorite overnight location — whether it’s a nearby campground, hotel, cabin, B&B, hostel, or friend’s house. Ride solo or with a group and go one mile or 100 miles — it’s your trip! #BikeTravelWeekend


Jamie Tim October 11, 2018, 3:36 AM

biking during travel could be next move for me to have fun. Will book bus tours and enjoy some time with old friends.

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