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March 16, 2017 - Botond Bócsi from Transylvania created and shares it today on our guest blog.

Screen shot of Jackson Hole, Wyoming to Riggins, Idaho.

My name is Botond Bócsi. My creation of was motivated by my desire for a simple, easy-to-use, bike planning tool where I can plan my next big ride. Let me explain ...

Easy to Use is simple. With no need to create an account, you can begin designing your route right away.

Once you enter your origin and destination locations in the upper left, a direct route is generated based on your selected preference of

  • “Google Bike” - this is Google’s cycling mode — not supported in every country.
  • “Road Bike” - route shared with cars.
  • “MTB” - route may or may not be passable in a car.

Right clicking the map allows you to “Add Midpoints” to your route. And once added, you can further refine their locations by dragging them with the mouse as needed.


The elevation profile is slightly bigger than the usual elevation graphs, making it more detailed. Hover over the elevation with your mouse and that position is displayed on the map. Second, the profile is color coded. Flat segments are blue, easy ramps are yellow, hard climbs are red, and very steep pitches are indicated with green, giving you a quick indication of how difficult the climbing on your route will be.


If you make a mistake, don’t worry. Type a Z to undo and a Y to redo. To reverse your route, type R, and to clear your map, type C.

Weather Support

Current weather conditions display for your route and these conditions update as you modify the route. For very long routes, weather is averaged and should only be seen as an overall indicator.


Look to the upper right to select from nine different supported languages.

PDF Summary and GPX Track

Find the menu bars in the upper left and you’ll be able to create both a PDF summary and a GPX track of your route.

Real-time Tracking of Your Current Position

Since the site is mobile friendly, if you have location capabilities enabled for your device, simply use the browser to monitor your location on your route.

Save Your Route

Save the hard work you’ve done on your route design by logging into Facebook.

My name is Botond Bócsi. I’m an enthusiastic nature lover from Transylvania, Romania. My life in nature has started with mostly hiking, then continued with a lot of rock climbing. In the last few years, I’ve preferred my mountain bike to explore the mountains and hills of the world. Transylvania is just the right place to do that since it offers a lot of remote and desolate roads and villages. 

Photo courtesy of Botond Bócsi.


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Todd Young March 17, 2017, 1:18 PM


This is very cool. Thanks for sharing!!!



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