Welcome Wisconsin and California to the U.S. Bicycle Route System!

Aug 31st, 2020

The spring designations may have been held up by Covid-19, but Adventure Cycling is proud to finally announce new U.S. Bicycle Routes in Wisconsin and California, expanding the reach of the USBRS to 29 states and 14,598 miles. 

Whether you prefer 160 miles of linked rail trails across the Midwest or the feat of climbing into the Sierra Nevada mountains, the USBRS has you covered!

In Wisconsin, USBR 30 links together over 10 local and state trails, including the Glacial Drumlin State Trail and the Elroy Sparta State Trail – making it an incredible option for families and anyone looking for a car-free experience. Wisconsin also designated USBR 230, an alternate route for times when the Merrimac Ferry isn’t running. 

For a completely different riding experience, USBR 50 in California includes over 10,000 feet of climbing! The route incorporates several mountain passes and iconic roads through the Sierra Nevada mountains, known as the Alps of California – and then continues across the unique waterways of the Sacramento Delta and the San Francisco Bay.

Dedication Pays Off

In Wisconsin, USBR 30 has been years in the making, involving the dedication and commitment of not only the Wisconsin Department of Transportation and Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources, but also dozens of volunteers and bike advocates, and the buy-in of more than 70 communities. 

In California, volunteers and Caltrans staff developed USBR 50 by tweaking the Adventure Cycling Western Express to accommodate local recommendations and newly-built bike lanes and trails. “Long term, I hope we can improve USBR 50 to serve not only visitors to the county, but local residents cycling for recreation, biking to work, and running errands by bike,” said Mike Bean of the Friends of El Dorado Trail.

At Adventure Cycling, we know the U.S. Bicycle Route System means not just new bike travel routes, but also improvements to those (and other) routes for all kinds of bike travelers. Thank you to our members, donors, and volunteers for helping us to continually expand the USBRS!

Read the full press release here.