Thank you to everyone who attended Bike Travel Weekend!

Jun 24th, 2022
Bike Travel Weekend
Bandon Bicycle Works

Thank you to all the riders who made Bike Travel Weekend 2022 June 3-5 a wonderful event!

We heard from participants all across the country who had a great weekend getting out on their bikes with friends and family.

Some highlights from our survey:

Meeting new riders. Barbecued brisket for dinner!

Olympian and coeur d’alene trails

Meeting fellow cyclists in the city that I just moved to.

Being with the grandchildren

Racoon hiding in the tree

Getting three riders who weren’t used to riding their bicycles off of established trails and getting them more experience riding with a group and on roadways and bike lanes that take them where they want to go.

meeting new people, going to a beautiful place close to home

Cycling with friends.

Having experienced cyclists to answer questions.

Meeting strangers who quickly became friends. More than half our group were women and minorities and ages ranged from 25 to 70+. We all got along so well!

Riding and camping with my son on a beautiful evening

beautiful weather & traveling via bicycle with friends

The experience, travelling with family and the overnight. Not to mention the Ice Cream stop on the way home.

And many of you shared challenges including weather, logistics of getting to the start point, "biting deer flies" (ugh) and of course: "Hills!"

Thank you to everyone who registered! We’ll soon be opening up registration for Bike Your Park Day in September!