Member Drive Giveaway – Spurcycle and Ombraz Sunglasses

Sep 16th, 2021

When you join or renew your membership during the September Member Drive, you’ll be entered to win some seriously cool prizes generously donated by our corporate partners. This week we’re highlighting prizes from Spurcycle and Ombraz Sunglasses. You can check out the full prize package here

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Spurcycle bells packaged

Spurcycle bells create powerful, enduring sound, and have a beautiful aesthetic
Brian Bonham

Spurcycle Bells

Like the Stradivarius of bike bells, the Spurcycle has head-turning aesthetics and a pleasing yet assertive tone sure to grab everyone’s attention on the bike path. We’re sprucing up your handlebars by giving away one Spurcycle Original Bell and one Spurcycle Compact Bell during this month’s September Member Drive. Spurcycle is also tossing in their custom water bottles in "catch up" and "relish" motifs. 

Spurcycle bottles

Two lucky winners will have the coolest water bottle on the block
Ally Mabry

Spurcycle has begun working on ways to give back to the cycling community and support bicycle infrastructure more broadly. That’s why they are donating 10% of all ‘Frankenbell’ sales to Adventure Cycling Association and other bicycling nonprofits. The ‘Frankenbell’, built using lightly blemished parts, ensures less factory waste while still bringing a sleek and sophisticated style to your handlebars.

Support Spurcycle and Adventure Cycling with any purchase of a Frankenbell on their website. Act fast, it’s currently on sale!

Or, Join or Renew today for a chance to win your own Spurcycle bell, water bottle, and more! 

Ombraz Sunglasses

If you’re looking for a pair of sunglasses seemingly designed specifically for bicycle travel, look no further. Ombraz sunglasses are super comfortable, durable, stylish, and very packable due to their armless construction. We recently tested a pair here at Adventure Cycling Headquarters and found the Ombraz lense quality to be on par or better than some of the leading sunglasses brands out there. Ombraz has committed to planting 20 trees for every pair of sunglasses sold meaning you can feel confident that your sunglasses are the most carbon-negative product on the market. You can win your own pair of Ombraz shades when you Join or Renew your membership today!

Omraz Sunglasses armless design and high-quality lenses might make them the most stylish and functional shades for bike travel
Ally Mabry

When you Join or Renew your membership during the month of September, you’ll be entered for a chance to win prizes from our corporate partners plus a chance to win a brand new Co-Motion Americano with Pinion Drivetrain! 

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Win the biggest prize package in Adventure Cycling history. 
Ally Mabry/Brian Bonham

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