Bike Your Park with the Child in Your Life

Jul 24th, 2019

You’ll have just as much fun—and maybe even more—when you bring the child in your life (son, daughter, grandchild, niece, nephew) on your Bike Your Park Day ride on the last Saturday in September. Share your love for cycling with your favorite child and explore parks and public lands with them on the same day as thousands of others throughout the world.

Discover your parks and public lands from the seat of a bicycle and the lens of a child on Bike Your Park Day. Whether he or she sits in a bike trailer, bike seat, or rides a tag-along bike, strider bike, or  own two wheels (training wheels are OK), it’s easy to participate in Bike Your Park Day with kids.

Bike Your Park Day kids
Bike Your Park Day with kids in a bike trailer, bike seat, tag-along bike, strider bike, or their own two wheels.
Saara Snow

Here’s how to Bike Your Park Day with kids.

Ride Your Way

First, register your ride at It’s free to register and everyone who signs up will receive a Bike Your Park Day sticker in the mail and will be entered to win a Co-op Cycles touring bicycle. All of the registered rides also appear on an interactive map to inspire others.

Participate in Bike Your Park Day from anywhere in the world, ride any distance on roads, trails or a bike path. Just make sure you ride to or through a park or public lands.  

Bike Your Park Day kids
Take it slow with kids during Bike Your Park Day and learn something new about the natural world.
Ridgeland Tourism Commission

Take it Slow & Explore

Bike Your Park Day isn’t a race. The point is to explore parks and public lands from the seat of a bicycle (or bike trailer). Take it slow and enjoy your ride. Stop to read interpretive signs with your children to learn about historic sites and the natural world. Sign the kids up for a Junior Ranger Program and participate on your bikes. Play in the river and cool your toes. Stop for ice cream or a picnic to avoid meltdowns.

Bike Your Park Day kids
It’s still an adventure if you have to turn around early or shorten your ride with kids.
Lassen NP

Be Flexible

Know that you may need a plan B if your kids get too tired. It’s okay to turn around early, seek a shuttle service, or spontaneously stop for ice cream. As your child goes on more bike adventures, he or she will get stronger and more interested in riding longer distances.

Bike Your Park Day kids
Fourth graders get into national parks for free all year long, not just for Bike Your Park Day.
Eva Dunn-Froebig

Be A Steward & Get Free Entrance to Your Park

Bike Your Park Day is on the same day as National Public Lands Day, which means it’s free to get into many parks and public lands. Celebrate National Public Lands Day by participating in a service project.

Fourth Graders can take part in the Every Kid in a Park initiative and get your entire family into parks for free all year.

Bike Your Park Day kids
Ride to urban parks, like national monuments, for Bike Your Park Day.
DC Cycling Concierge

Urban Parks Count Too

Explore your city in a new way by bicycling to an urban park like a national monument or historic park.

Be Safe

Before you go, check your bike to make sure the tires are filled with air and the brakes work. Kids and adults should wear a properly fitted helmet. If you’d rather not share the road with vehicles, seek a separated bicycle/pedestrian path or find a car-free day. If you do ride with traffic, wear bright colors and make eye contact with drivers.

Now register for Bike Your Park Day to be part of the fun on the last Saturday in September.