Behind the Scenes: 3 States Working on the USBRS

Apr 28th, 2020

When we talk about the USBRS, we often look at the whole huge picture – but the work to designate routes actually happens at the local level, one community or road jurisdiction at a time. Thanks to a committed network of transportation officials and community volunteers, we’re proud to share that work is moving forward to designate or improve U.S. Bicycle Routes in 40 states. 

Below, we’re highlighting three states you might not know are working on USBR designation.

1. Arkansas


  • USBR 51 will connect Missouri to Little Rock
  • USBR 80 will connect Little Rock to West Memphis
  • Plans are to eventually extend both routes to the south and west

A dedicated group of stakeholders met regularly to discuss criteria for choosing the best route and ways to help communities become better hosts to traveling cyclists. They even scouted the top contenders to make notes about pavement conditions and available services. They are now in the process of securing the necessary support from each community and road manager.

2. North Dakota


  • USBR 10 and USBR 20 will run east-west and connect Minnesota to Montana 
  • USBR 30 will cross the SW corner of North Dakota
  • USBR 55 and USBR 65 will run north-south and connect the Canada border to South Dakota

In 2019, North Dakota DOT updated their 20-year statewide active transportation plan – and released plans to designate five U.S. Bicycle Routes and also improve the safety of those routes. As of spring 2020, NDDOT is moving forward with designation and will begin gaining local community support by connecting with impacted jurisdictions. 

North Dakota Planned State Bicycling Network map

3. New York


  • USBR 11 will connect Lake Ontario at Sodus Point to the Pennsylvania border near the Corning-Elmira area

Volunteers began reaching out to communities in December 2019; and, as of spring 2020, all but two jurisdictions have finalized their support. The route will utilize existing state bike routes and will be New York’s first U.S. Bicycle Route. Once all jurisdictions have signed on, NYSDOT will be able to work through the final steps of securing internal agency support and finalizing the application.

4. Honorable Mentions

Because there’s so much happening at any given time and we hate playing favorites, we’re also sharing a few honorable mentions:

  • In Kansas, work continues to install signs along USBR 66 and 76.
  • In Michigan, MDOT has plans to install signs along USBR 10.
  • In Utah, the details are being finalized to designate USBR 77.
  • In Kentucky, an agreement was reached to re-route USBR 21 through the Cumberland Gap National Park tunnel.

And, last but definitely not least, AASHTO is scheduled to approve new U.S. Bicycle Routes in late May. While routes aren’t official until they’re voted on, we’re excited to welcome several new additions! Stay tuned for the route announcement in a few weeks.

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