5 Fun Facts about the USBRS

Apr 30th, 2019

Did you know that Adventure Cycling is the only organization to provide nationwide coordination of the U.S. Bicycle Route System?

Our role is to answer questions and provide resources to communities and departments of transportation, so that we can collectively build the biggest bike route network in the world. 

As we kick off our 2019 USBRS Fundraiser, here are 5 fun things you may not know about the USBRS.

1: As of May 1, there are 13,536 miles of officially designated U.S. Bicycle Routes in 26 states and Washington DC. That’s a distance of over halfway around the Earth!

2: The USBRS connects to over 100 sites managed by the National Park Service – including Mammoth Cave National Park (located along USBR 23 in Kentucky) and Casa Grande Ruins National Monument (located along USBR 90 in Arizona).  

3: Trails and bike paths currently make up 10% of all designated U.S. Bicycle Routes. You can find and explore these off-road options on our interactive route map (all segments of 10 miles or longer are indicated in green on the individual route maps). 

U.S. Bicycle Route 41 follows the Gitchi Gami Trail in Minnesota.
Michelle Pierson

4: The USBRS connects to Canada from five states: Washington, Minnesota, Michigan, Vermont, and Maine. If you follow U.S. Bicycle Route 7 to the Vermont-Canada border, you can connect into Quebec’s famous La Route Verte.

5: Over 40 U.S. Bicycle Routes are currently in development across the country – including USBR 51 in Missouri and USBR 1 in Georgia.

Throughout the month of May, we’re raising money to continue expanding and improving the U.S. Bicycle Route System. Donate today and you’ll be entered to win a Co-op Cycles ADV 3.1 adventure touring bike.