Difficulty Ratings

When deciding on your tour, it’s important to keep in mind that our difficulty ratings are relative to the trips that we offer, as it can be somewhat challenging to come up with a comprehensive rating system that applies to every rider.

On our trips, every participant rides at his or her own pace, so you’ll generally have all day to complete the distance. Slower riders (or those planning on lots of photo ops!) can plan to leave earlier in the morning while those opting to zip through the miles may linger over coffee. Typically, folks who ride at a similar pace end up as riding buddies sharing each day’s ride.

Although our supported tours are accompanied by vehicles that are available for your use should you find the going too tough, we strongly encourage each tour participant to come prepared to complete each day’s ride.

Our Difficulty Rating Scale to takes into account various information about each trip. Please take a look below at our rating system which is broken down into Adventure Levels (physical difficulty), Terrain, and Technical Difficulty, and the factors that we’re looking at to rate each tour. Keep in mind – your individual experience and fitness may adjust these levels for you; we list them as a general guideline and a comparison tool between all of our tours. As an additional reminder, they do not take into account weather conditions (heat, cold, wind, etc) or whether it is with a loaded or unloaded bike.

If you have any questions or want to discuss any tour in more detail, please feel free to chat, email, or give our office a call at 800.611.8687.