Pacific Coast Route Section 1

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Vancouver, BC - Astoria, OR (404.5 miles)
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February 2016

Vancouver is a relatively easy city in which to bicycle. Then after crossing the border into Washington, you'll be riding on narrow two-lane roads on level terrain. There are no shoulders, and traffic is light. Bellingham is a larger town with moderate traffic and some congested intersections. SR-20 south of Anacortes and Whidbey Island has some rolling to hilly terrain. There are several narrow two-lane sections and congested areas near the island's towns; traffic is generally light away from SR 20. South of Port Townsend the route is rolling to hilly on mostly low-traffic rural roads through farms and forests. From Castle Rock in southern Washington you'll face some steep climbs across low hills to Ocean Beach Rd. along the Columbia River. In Oregon, you'll ride west on US 30, which carries moderate traffic and has wide shoulders most of the way into Astoria, the beginning and end points for the TransAmerica Bicycle Trail and the Lewis & Clark Bicycle Trail.

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Never Lost


Reviewed By: John Rockwood on 5/13/19

The only times I've been lost on tours is when I didn't have my Adventure Cycling maps.

Pacific Coast 1, 2 and 3


Reviewed By: Mathias Houwen on 10/17/18

When rating 4 means "good", I agree. I cycled in september 2018 from Vancouver/BC over Vancouver Island, then to Washington, Oregon and California to San Francisco. 2.200 km. Pacific Coast 1: I was surprised that the map did not include the route from Port Angeles to the Pacific along the west coast. Pacific Coast 1, 2 and 3: the descriptions of the route are very precise and easy to follow. But in a very narrow corridor: as soon as I wanted to take a road to the left or the right, there was not much on the map any more. However, together with the book "Bicycling the pacific coast" and "Google maps" (sometimes, when internet available!) I managed perfectly to find my way.

pacific coast and nth route


Reviewed By: paul edwards new zealand on 5/17/18

very good as allways my third big ride coming up arrive van. jun 3 to do nth route other rides cont. div.5000km and 20000km around usa.ACA maps are the way to go

So far so good!


Reviewed By: Lindy on 11/30/16

I haven't started my trip yet but so far the map has been very helpful in my planning. Good details! I like the listings for all the camping grounds, emergency numbers etc. A great idea.

Pacific Coast Route 1 Section


Reviewed By: Ron Cohen on 7/23/16

Overall, this was very helpful once I got used to the symbols and layout. It's helpful to use a smart phone or GPS along with this, to check that the important information is current and to get back on course if taking a detour or wrong turn. I like the fact that the route has been researched for the optimum in safety/scenery, not just the fastest route. I cycled from Seattle to San Francisco, but initially only bought the Section 1 and 2 maps, which end in Crescent City, CA. I liked these maps enough to go out of my way to find the Section 3 map in Brandon, OR, fearing that I could miss the better or safer options for the rest of the trip.

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