Ep. 3 Trial by Fire

May 21st, 2020

Doing something for the first time, especially when it has known dangers, often requires a leap of faith in yourself and in others, but what comes out the other side can be magical. And worth it.

Stories in this episode take you into the doubts, feelings, and triumphs of women who tackle adventure for the first time. One is a jaunt across Glacier National Park, another is an overnighter to the next town, and the last is a 200-mile technical challenge along the Mission section of the Baja Divide — as a complete novice.


Jessica Zephyrs, your podcast host

Jessica biking on the Great Divide Mountain Bike Route in Canada
Jessica Zephyrs, host, riding the Great Divide Mountain Bike Route in Canada.
Dan Stone

Jessica manages inbound marketing at Adventure Cycling and is currently enjoying play-acting as a podcast host.

Hilary Oliver, writer/filmmaker

Hilary Oliver riding by some sheep in Norway
Hilary Oliver, writer/filmmaker, bike touring in Norway
Courtesy of Hilary Oliver

At her home in Denver, Hilary is currently working on her first novel. She is also the managing editor for the Outdoor Research blog, has made or assisted in making several short films — including Being Here which is mentioned in this episode — and relishes helping others craft and tell their stories as a story developer.

Find out more on her website and Instagram too.

Diana Sacks, environmental project manager

Diana Sacks with her bike on the Baja Divide
Diana Sacks, environmental project manager, on the Baja Divide
Courtesy of Diana Sacks

Diana works as a sustainability consultant for multifamily affordable housing developments. She is deeply in love with all things outdoors and her wild dog, Fern.

Find her on Instagram.

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