Ep. 2 Getting There

May 19th, 2020

Any seasoned bicycle traveler will tell you that it’s the uncertainty and the constraints of it that make this form of travel a true adventure. Our plans are sometimes unexpectedly upended. Our expectations about a place, and about ourselves, are defied.

But that’s the beauty of it. It’s what keeps us coming back to this slow, at times uncomfortable, form of exploration.

Stories from this episode follow one woman’s complex experiences cycling in Montana, a Denverite’s coming to terms with being “Mid-western” on the TransAm, and one traveler’s fortune of finding much-needed feminine companionship in the unlikeliest of places: a monastery.


Devin Cowens, community organizer/planner

Devin Cowens and her bicycle
Devin Cowens, community organizer/planner
Courtesy of Devin Cowens

Devin is an advocate for QTIBIPOC in cycling and bikepacking, as well as an event planner for the East Coast Greenway. As an advocate, she started Atlanta’s chapter of WTF Bikexplorers and leads excursions for all experience levels in Atlanta and the Southeast.

Find her chapter on Instagram.

Devin riding in Cuba by Saara Snow
Devin bikepacking in Cuba
Saara Snow

Cynthia Ord, writer/marketer

Cynthia Ord and her bicycle
Cynthia Ord on the TransAmerica Trail
Courtesy of Cynthia Ord

Cynthia quit her job and rode the entire TransAmerica Trail in 2019, writing about and recording her adventures along the way.

Find her at Little Miss Bike Tour and on Instagram.

Olivia Round, writer/adventuress

Olivia Round and her bicycle
Olivia Round, writer
Jennifer Diane Photography

Long-time contributor to Adventure Cycling’s blog, Olivia’s stories of her travels and travails never cease to entertain and inform us. The story she tells on this episode was written for this podcast.

Olivia dressed in borrowed clothing to enter the monastery.
Olivia dressed in borrowed clothes at the monastery.
Guthrie Straw

Discover all of Olivia’s Adventure Cycling articles.

Learn more at OliviaRound.org.

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The Color of Law by Richard Rothstein, the book Devin read during her Montana bike tour.

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