13th Annual Bicycle Travel Photo Contest

Jul 26th, 2022

This article first appeared in the May 2022 issue of Adventure Cyclist magazine.

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As if anyone who reads Adventure Cyclist needs inspiration, myself included, the annual Photo Contest issue each May strikes in me an almost uncontrollable, wild fervor to get outside as quickly as possible and turn my legs in rhythmic circles up whatever path will have me. Between the longer days, warmer temperatures, and these images, it’s good inspiration to finish my work and get out of the office. This year’s collection certainly keeps that spirit alive. From cloud forests to bucket showers to road snacks, I crave it all. As restrictions begin to loosen on travel bans this summer, I hope these images also strike some wild spark in you as well, whether that fire burns close to home or in the wildest, most remote stretches of our beautiful earth.  –Carolyne Whelan

Adventure Cycling Route Network

Winner: Early Start to Push through the Great Basin

13th annual bike travel photo contest
We decided to try to avoid the main heat of the day through the Great Basin with mixed success.
Asa Rogers

Honorable Mention: Lunch in the Middle of Kansas!

13th annual bike travel photo contest
Our group of five women stopped for a snack on a quiet road in eastern Kansas on part of the TransAmerica route.
Grace Turner


Winner: Descending on the Strada dell’Assietta

13th annual bike travel photo contest
A truly spectacular section of the Torino-Nice Rally, and one of the most beautiful roads I’ve ever cycled.
Jonathan Kambskard-Bennett

Honorable Mention: Early Morning Light in Molesworth Station, Central South Island, New Zealand

13th annual bike travel photo contest
The Molesworth Road is a gravel route in South Island, New Zealand, following the path of the main electricity line down through the central high country of the island. The early morning light provides an interesting juxtaposition of the shining pylons with the browns of the tussock grass.
John O’Malley


Winner: La Ruta Loca — Vines, Mud, Mist, and a Puma

13th annual bike travel photo contest
High up in Costa Rica’s Cordillera de Talamanca mountain range, my cousin Ronald and I dragged our loaded bikes through dense tropical cloud forest. Route planning had not prepared us for such an overgrown path.
Paulo LaBerge

Honorable Mention: Strangers Who Became Friends

13th annual bike travel photo contest
Group photo near the end of our journey together.
Neal Farrar

Around Camp

Winner: Bucket Shower in Uganda

13th annual bike travel photo contest
Getting rid of the daily dust with a traditional bucket shower. Or, how to learn to live with what life brings.
Clotaire Mandel

Honorable Mention: The Hideout

13th annual bike travel photo contest
Cycling in Slovenia was quite a wet experience for us. Day in, day out, we’d wake up to a wet tent or unable to dry our clothes! One lucky afternoon, as we were cycling up a pass on a quiet gravel road, we came across this little refuge. The door was locked, but the little canopy sheltered us for 24 hours as we waited for the rain to go by. Our home-for-a-day allowed us to dry our gear, cook some lovely meals, and shelter us as we ran through a marathon of movies.
Belén Castelló


Winner: A Monumental Marker

13th annual bike travel photo contest
A monumental marker on my journey from DC to Portland this summer, passing through the “Gateway to the West.” After spending all day riding headwinds through Illinois, I passed into Missouri and grabbed this photo at 1:00 in the morning under the arch.
Jess Hinkle

Honorable Mention: A Clip of a Wonderful Trip

13th annual bike travel photo contest
First trip after the pandemic, cycling through Costa Rica, November 2021.
Iria Prendes

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