Rumble Strips

A cyclist’s helpful friend or worst enemy.

"Rumble strips are the direct cause of me being hit by a car in New Mexico. But it’s not really the rumble strips that are the issue — it’s the lack of rideable space to the right of the strips."
—Bruce Gordon, Halfmoon Bay, British Columbia
Why we’re grumbling about rumble strips:
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Unsafe Rumble Strips
73% – Adventure Cycling members who have encountered unsafe rumble strips.
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Fatality Increase
25% – Increase in cyclist fatalities over the last decade.
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Fatality Cost
$26 billion – The cost of cyclist fatalities over the last decade.
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Rumble Strip Removal
$13,000 – Cost per mile to remove rumble strips, which can be up to 26x more than to install them.
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With minimal or no rideable shoulder, rumble strips force cyclists into the travel lane, which is especially dangerous on high-speed or high-traffic roads.
rumble strip 2
Hitting a rumble strip can also cause cyclists to lose control.
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The increased potential of being hit by a motorist is an unacceptable risk.
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Rumble strips continue to be systematically installed on more bike routes than ever without following bicycle safety standards.
Here’s how we’re working to change this.
Transportation agencies decide the when, where, what, and how of rumble strips, so it’s our job to share bicycle safety practices with them and hold them accountable.
Bike-Friendly Design
1. Bike-Friendly Design
We advocate for bicycle safety best practices so agencies can improve state rumble strip policies.
Expert Oversight
2. Expert Oversight
Bicycle experts should have oversight on rumble strip projects to ensure best practices are followed throughout the process.
Quality Control
3. Quality Control
Agencies should use a review process to make sure rumble strips are implemented correctly the first time. And to fix them if they’re not.
How does your state rank?

Meet Minimum Standards
4 state policies meet all of the minimum model design standards.
Need Improvement
28 state policies meet some standards but have room for improvement.
Need Improvement
Fail Minimum Standards
18 state policies fail minimum model design standards.
Take Action
We’re not willing to compromise on bicyclists’ safety when it comes to rumble strip installation, and transportation officials shouldn’t either. Signing this petition will show that the cycling community supports prioritizing bicycle safety when installing rumble strips. Once you sign, we’ll send you safety action alerts so you can stay engaged on these issues in your state.
Want to do more? Help Adventure Cycling’s advocacy on rumble strips by donating today.
If you’ve taken action and want to do more, share these resources with your state department of transportation:

Contact our Safety program at for the status of rumble strip advocacy in your state, or reach out to your state’s bicycle advocacy organization. 

Main photo by Saara Snow