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Adventure Cycling headquarters in Missoula, Montana

Adventure Cycling Association Headquarters

Adventure Cycling Association has members worldwide, and some people are surprised to learn that we have only one office, which is located at 150 E. Pine St. in Missoula, Montana. Before we purchased the building in 1991, our facility was a church and, since converting it to an office, we’ve been continually looking for ways to squeeze in new staff as we grow. In 2012, we renovated and expanded the building.

Business Hours 

  • 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM Mountain Time, Monday through Friday.

Visiting Hours (to Get the Full Experience)

  • 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM Mountain Time, Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.


Missoula is on a number of Adventure Cycling’s mapped routes and is visited by hundreds of bicycle travelers each year. Some are riding coast to coast across America, others are on shorter jaunts to destinations such as Glacier National Park or the mountains of British Columbia. Still others are on camper-van family vacations or trekking to Missoula for work and take the opportunity to visit the place many people consider the bicycle-travel mecca.

If you visit our office during our Visiting Hours — 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM, Monday, Wednesday, or Friday — we’ll treat you to the following!

We’ll have you sign our guestbook and offer you local intel, ice cream, and soda or water. We would love to take your picture to be displayed in our entrance so that you can see if others you have seen on the road have come through. We have tables and chairs and even a bathroom you can use in our conference room. Cyclists will be able to enjoy Greg Siple’s historic photos of the 1976 Bikecentennial as well as look through the TransAmerica book, flip through copies of past Adventure Cyclist magazines, and gather local information. We’ll have a tour of the front of our building, and you’ll be able to browse our Cyclosource catalog and purchase any gear you might need.

2018 Visiting Cyclists

Missoula Attractions and Services

Adventure Cycling Association is located in a character-filled, historic downtown area, surrounded by a variety of restaurants, seasonal markets, coffee shops, retail stores, and the University of Montana. The city also has an extensive parks, trails, and open space system. Download Parks and Trails Map.

There are lots of amazing things to do to keep you busy during your stay. Check out the Destination Missoula website for more information.

Missoula is located at the northern end of the Bitterroot Valley, which offers lots of great bicycling opportunities, including a 50-mile bike path paralleling the Bitterroot Mountains.

Photo by Greg Siple