Kryptonite R2 Retractable Combo Cable Lock

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A portable pocket combination lock perfect for those, “oops I didn’t realize I’d need a lock” moments. Features 10,000 resettable combinations and a 2.4 mm vinyl coated steel retraction security cable.

  • Product dimensions: 1/8” (2.6mm) cable diameter 3’ (90cm / 35.4in) cable length. Product weight: 0.40 lbs (~0.18 kgs).
  • Product (actual lock) dimensions: 3" height x 2.5" width x 1" thick.



Average rating: based on 4 reviews.

Minimalist deterrence


Reviewed By: Charlie Pieterick on 12/23/19

Lock provides a minimalist, and minimal, theft deterrence. I add the elastic brake handle locks for one additional, time consuming deterrent for day rides in low crime areas. Wouldn’t use in the city.

Kryptonite retractable bike lock


Reviewed By: michael romanow on 11/11/19

perfect for what it is; lightweight, simple lock to deter theft, like you're having lunch and the bike is in view, but you know someone can't just run off with it.

Serves its purpose


Reviewed By: Robert Chauncey on 10/3/19

Light weight. Easy to use. Will deter the non - determined.

Lock it up!


Reviewed By: Valerie Barboza on 7/11/19

Light & easy to use to prevent theft on rides with a stop.

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