Jogalite Cyclist's Safety Triangle

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Visibility is very important. This safety triangle help you to be seen by motorists, and features the Adventure Cycling Association logo.

Weight: 1.7oz

Size: 10"x10"x10"


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Safety Triangle


Reviewed By: Alvin s on 5/18/16

Nice to add more to be sure be seen on road ways

Great for a trailer too


Reviewed By: John on 3/8/16

This is a good piece of equipment to have. I haven't used it on a tour yet, but I keep it on the back of the trailer I use to go grocery shopping. It kind of flops around a bit as it was really designed to wear as a belt. This is not a big problem, I'll just find a way to stiffen it out for the trailer.



Reviewed By: Jeffrey Skinner on 6/5/14

This is awesome!! I rode a fully loaded touring bike for so long without any reflective gear. I received one of these safety triangles on my Leadership Training Course that I did with ACA. I've been using it ever since, and I have noticed a HUGE difference. Now, it seems like I am much more visible to passing cars as they give me more room than ever, and barely ever get too close for comfort. Highly recommended. I also just ordered the new Safety Wing for a little extra visibility. I think combined, these two will be perfect.

Great visibility


Reviewed By: bromines32 on 7/22/13

I forget it is around my waist. On a commute to work, a coworker later said I looked like a truck from a distance.

Safety Triangle


Reviewed By: Sonny Solomon on 4/15/13

Use the triangle on my bicycle trailer. Very visible and traffic slow down. Highly recommend. Deatsville, Alabama

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