North Lakes Section 3

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Mackinaw City, MI - Monroeville, IN (545 miles)
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From Mackinaw City to Cross Village, the route follows two-lane county roads through farms, and then sand dunes along the Lake Michigan shore. There are several public beach access points on Lakeview Dr. in Wilderness State Park. From the campground at Wilderness State Park, you can see a glorious sunset over Lake Michigan and a distant view of the Mackinaw bridge glowing in the fading light. From Cross Village to Traverse City, you'll be on various state highways and local roads which will have heavy tourist traffic during the summer. South of Traverse City, the terrain through the remainder of Lower Peninsula is flat to gently rolling hills. The route goes mostly through small farming towns on two-lane county rods with light traffic. With the exception of the area around Grabill, the Indiana portion of the route is very rural and has very light traffic. The route ends in Monroeville, Indiana. At this point you can head east or west on the Northern Tier Bicycle Route.

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Reviewed By: A customer from Carbondale, CO on 7/12/11

Similar to past tours using Adventure Cycling maps helped us have a successful tour. The recent economic recession has led to some of the listed hotels and business closing down, so updating this info would be helpful (call ahead if you are planning on a particular business or motel). When in Harbor Springs, Mi, we purchased the Bicycle Map of NW Michigan (avail. from: This resource was a great companion to the Adventure Cycling map, we actually diverted from the Adventure Cycling route onto some of the routes on this map.

North Lakes Section 3 Rating:

Reviewed By: A customer from Carbondale, CO on 8/30/11

We patched together a tour from Grand Rapids, up to Luddington, MI, accross on the car ferry to Manitowoc, north to Escanaba, accross the U.P. to Mackinaw City, then down to Harbor Springs to visit family for a bit before heading back south to complete the loop. We didn't end up using much of this section of the map as we went off route from Harbor Springs. As with other Adventure Cycling map products I have used the map was helpful and pretty accurate. Due to economy and what not some of the hotels listed were no longer open. We would have also appreciated a bit more current restaurant info. We ended up buying the "Bicycle Map of Northwest Michigan" from Cherry capital cycling club and used it to tour NW Michigan between Harbor Springs and Traverse City (our favorite area along our tour). This map was a great additional resource for this area.

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